1347 Memory Trick.


Tonight I have a thing to wear on my finger that will monitor my sleep. I have doubts about how well that will work. Early in March I have a sleep thing set up, which will blow for me as much as I suspect it will for them. I hope it’s in part of hospital that doesn’t have the weird smell it did last time. It hung on everything I brought with me. Guh…

They are ending the Nintendo club thing. It’s kind of sad. It was hardly the best service, but recently you could at least get a free game from time to time. I had a lot of coins built up so I got the two Dillon’s Rolling Western games and Donkey Kong Returns. The first two I just thought might be good, and he’s an assist in Smash Bros, and I haven’t played a Kong game since the SNES, so maybe I don’t hate them now? Anyway, I hope something decent replaces the club. It may not have been the best but it did show a little appreciation for the fans.

I’ve been trying to get some special items in Animal Crossing at Nintendo fun zones, but they have stopped working out here. It just tells me I already have the things. If the serviced isn’t available in my area hopefully the itms will be tradeable and catalog purchasable. Then maybe I can ask a friend, or something.

I’ve been waiting for a villager to move out because I can trade him for a set of cool things. AND I’ll finally be able to fix my plaza up the way I want. Of course now he doesn’t seem to want to move at all. >:[ He’s actually the longest staying resident in town at the moment. At least two years. Isn’t that wild? I think I’ve given him enough time.