871 The Oddity.


To those of you who started reading Between Failures on http://betweenfailures.com I’d like to make sure you understand that the .net is the backup of the main site at http://betweenfailures.com. Typically there is more user activity there, as long as the server isn’t getting screwed with. It doesn’t matter which you use. If you want to read it here, go ahead. If the site gets weird though it’s because we’re testing code in an attempt to fix the main. You can switch to whatever site is working better at any given time. Just so you know.

I’m not near my Pc at the moment, but I’m typing out a post just to see if this Kindle can handle it or not. It’s certainly not an efficient way to type, since it’s even slower than a keyboard, and a keyboard is already slower than I can think.

The thing with Jo’s hair is actually based on one of my cousins. She and at least one of her daughters have a natural streak in their hair. I have no idea how common it is. I’ve seen it twice in my life though. XD

As far as getting teased goes I’ll say that everyone experiences life differently. I went to a very small school for most of grade school and always felt singled out. Later on we moved to a bigger town and I felt less so, but I was still singled out and picked on. Once I got too big to be picked on physically it changed to being targeted verbally. It certainly contributed to my very dark, adversarial, world view. I’ve changed a little over time, but those scars affect my personality to this day. There are some things that other people simply will never understand if they were on the other side of the gulf. You might understand it on an academic level, but it you never lived it, like many things in life, you’ll never really get it. At the end of the day though the scars we get in childhood are blown way out of proportion because the whole world seems enormous and scary. You don’t have the benefit of perspective.

Jo doesn’t state the timeline of her accident and hair issues specifically, but if you are curious it goes like this: The teasing over her hair would have started on her the first day of school, and her mom dyed the hair to match, not to blue. It seemed obvious to me when I wrote it, but you never can tell. The thing with her eye would have been when she was older. 7-10 years old probably. Approximately around the time she would have started showing signs of needing corrective lenses.

As long as I’m at it, in panel 3 Jo is, obviously, not suddenly naked. You’re seeing her in her mind’s eye, and she feels a little exposed. I could have just drawn her hair and eyes as they would look naturally, but when I sketched it out it just seemed like having her be, for all intents and purposes, naked was the thing to do. I withold the right to edit the page later if I think better of it. XD I’m not sure how you all feel, but I was surprised by how good Brooksie looks with the dark hair.

Here’s something I noticed. Skylanders figures follow toy rules when it comes to the after market, rather than game rules. The day after Xmas all the figures were gone from stores and online, except for used ones. Used ones going for up to 3 times retail. That’s balls. It’s annoying for me because, obviously, it’s more expensive, but it also sucks for little kids trying to get some figures after they got the game as a present. I don’t know what it’s like in other places, but the only Skylanders stuff out here are the games. I’m not sure what kind of plan Activision has going forward, but I hope that they intend to continue to support the game. My experience seems to show that the figures are selling. It was really picked over storewide after Xmas though. Which makes sense.