721 So Told.


Somebody asked me to make a shirt like the one that Nina lent to Reggie, so I did. It’s in the store link up top. You can only get the right color in girl styles though. Which makes sense in the context of the comic. X3 I don’t control the colors available so that’s as close as I can get. You can get the emblem on pretty much anything though.

There was something else I was gonna tell you guys, but now I forget what it was.

Did I tell you I finally found some green Play-Doh? It’s cool. Not the exact shade I like best, but it’s green and I like that it is. It’s new, so it’s all different from the stuff I had already. They must have changed the formula. The stuff I have is from, like 5 years ago at least.

The new stuff is barely sticky at all. Older stuff would paste to your hands, but this new stuff isn’t like that at all. It barely adheres to your fingers even. Whatever makes it smell like Play-Doh is still in it though.