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I hated to cut the dialog up in such a way that the result was this page, but every other version lacked the impact of just having two panels.  So I made one panel really big. 

I saw Batman: Year One the other day.  It was the first DC animated feature that I wasn’t particularly impressed by.  I read at least part of the comic it’s based on, and it seemed like it was very true to the source material, but there wasn’t much Batman.  It should have been called Jim Gordon: Year One, with some Batman and even less Catwoman.  Honestly, the whole thing with Catwoman seemed completely unnecessary.  It didn’t add a thing to the narrative.  Someone told me that they were setting up a Catwoman story with it, but I felt like it just didn’t work very well.  Either it needed way more Catwoman, or none at all.  I really didn’t;t care for the portrayal of Batman/Bruce Wayne either.  It just didn’t work for me.  Honestly the best part of the story was all the Jim Gordon stuff.  The tale of police corruption and the reluctant cop who sees a chance to make a difference, but doesn’t really want to take it, is compelling. 

Batman: The Long Halloween is a similar story, and better told, in my opinion.  It has a few parts that parallel Year One.  In fact, I’m not sure the two don’t contradict each other.  The Catwoman portions of the story seem very similar in my memory.  I’m pretty sure her encounter with…  the Roman (?) ends the same way.  I don’t know.  It can’t be a year one story because Batman already has an asylum full of bad guys by that point.  Minus Two-Face.  Long Halloween contains Two-Face’s origin story now that I think about it.  a version of it anyway.  Dark Victory is Robin’s origin, which followed at some point after.  There might have been some story overlap with Year One in that too.  I haven’t read them in ages. 

I don’t know, Year One isn’t terrible by any means.  It’s just the least best Batman movie in the last few years.  Although I haven’t seen that collection of shorts that came out before the live action reboot.  I should just rent it because I can’t image I’d want to own it.  I don’t really like the Bale Batman era stuff, and it feels like that DVD would follow that line.