1323 Straight Man.


A few people were confused by Reggie’s last line from Wednesday. I guess I didn’t sell his “mean face” enough. He gets a bit ratlike when he’s being snotty. I thought I’d gone far enough for that to indicate his tone. Maybe not? Possibly some of you just really like to give him the benefit of the doubt and see the good in him that he displays more and more often now. Either way, John’s reaction settles it all. He said it in a mean way that John, who is quite familiar with it, recognized.

I have certain guidelines for self conduct that I try to keep to when it comes to this comic, and my online presence. I don’t ask to be interviewed, included in things, suggest myself for awards, ect. Someone other than me has to be the agent. I try not to beg for help, money, ect. One of the reasons I did the Patreon thing is that I am providing desired services. By helping me patrons are assisting me in providing better content that they already want. Anyway, there is a list of internal rules I follow which I, quite unreasonably, get annoyed with other creators over when they don’t adhere to my arbitrary rules. I’ve been strongly chastised, on many occasions, by random readers, for not giving them the option to donate money, gifts, ect. Which is fine. I know they just want me to do well and have things that will help me stay happy, and keep providing the services they enjoy. This year I am embracing the “Amazon Christmas list” suggestion. Much like with Patreon I’m not going to drag my feet this year. I made a special list of the most insane things I want. Things I wouldn’t even bother asking my family members for in many cases. If you want to send me presents go ahead on. I’m also encouraging the Teen to make a list of insane desires because she has become the subject of much concern for many readers. It’s not like we don’t provide for her. I mean she really wants for nothing by any reasonable standard, but when has greed ever been contained by that boundary? As far as me goes, if you do decide to bestow benefaction upon me please be sure to include a mailing address and information about your favorite character. I will endeavor to present you with some sort of art gift when time allows.

Here is my list link http://amzn.com/w/16QV6R4USZ76I

Corner Of A Teenage Werepire

hello web comic reading peeps! todays been a long pretty boring day. I still have the breakup blues but its getting better and I get to be a server at prom in April yay! at least I can wear a princess dress. I’m already looking at dresses online lol. I feel like crap and I’m exhausted from lack of sleep lately so I’m not very exciting and cheerful today. girls at school have been all over my ex since word got around that we’re on a break and its annoying. yes we broke up but is it necessary to rub it in my face? no I think not but he still talks to me and hugs me so I feel I still win this round high school girls. he says after Christmas we’ll get back together which I want but I don’t know if it will ever happen and I don’t wanna get hurt again but he’s who I wanna be with any advice? my plans for tonight are to play some borderlands maybe, watch some movies, eat chocolate, wallow in sadness and sleep lol sounds like fun. I’ll probably make Jackie watch a movie with me. I went to a basketball game at my school and took pictures for yearbook and awkwardly sat with my ex and his family which was oh so much fun… eventually he talked to me though and joked around with me so that made it better but still and now I’m just writing this and talking to Jackie. I know I know I’ve said nothing interesting but not much to say…to much sad and tiredness for me to be full of energy sorry guys I’ll try harder next post, teen out!