1322 Heavy Artillery.


I haven’t set the new dude’s name yet. Bridgette’s full name is Bridgette Hanna Baxter. She’s about as white as you can be. I’d have given her freckles, but it fucking blows trying to remember to render the fucking things every page.

As a fat guy I don’t have a problem particularly with mean spirited fat jokes. I am of the opinion that fat people need to get over themselves and own the fact that they are fat. This weird denial about body size some fatties have is just sad. If you legitimately have some kind of “I’m always gonna be fat” disease that’s fine, but really, how common is that? Mostly it comes down to impulse control. I know it does for me and I have little control. Or rather I chose not to exercise it. Which is also a problem… As I’ve said before, this is why I never tried drinking, or drugs, because I know I have poor control. If I ever started there’s a good chance I wouldn’t be around now for you to be reading this. Anyway, the long and short of it is if you’re fat don’t be a little bitch about it. Very rarely is it the fault of anyone other than the fat person you see in the mirror. Do something about it or learn to cope. That said, discrimination based on your body is not cool. You shouldn’t stand for that. THAT SAID, if you weigh as much as two regular people I don’t think it’s too much to ask for an airline to charge you that much. XD

I’ve been called every version of fat you can think of. In fact I’m a little impressed when I hear a new one. I will often stop to make note of it for later use. On the rare occasions that someone legitimately tries to hurt my feelings by calling me fat I take it as a chance to really let loose and do as much psychological harm as I can. Much like Reggie I have the ability to focus in on someone’s weaknesses or self doubt pretty quickly. The fact that they chose to openly mock a person is an indication of a deep fear of being made fun of first. The only time I’m going to be the bigger man is at a buffet. I am essentially a spiteful child operating a big fat guy robot.

Teen Cornerd

hey interweb people if your looking for a happy post today don’t get your hopes up to much. I’m a very sad teen today, I cried in school because my English teacher brought up funerals and it was on my mind all day to the point of making me want to sob. then I stayed after school with my boyfriend person and he was moody and distant all day and I didn’t know why. finally in the nicest way possible told me he wanted a break until after Christmas so he could work through some stuff without hurting me. although nicely put this broke my heart a bit, the minute I let my guard down and start to feel happy and safe bomb everything blows up in my face…again. I’m not mad at him particularly I understand why but it still hurts and I don’t wanna lose this guy. I care about him like a lot..stupid teen love…gets ya every time. so guess for now I’m a single pringle not the happiest about it but he needs to do what he needs to do and I want him happy so I am going to suck it up and deal with it. on the bright side Jackie took me to McDonald’s and I got fries which were greasy and delicious and then we went to Wal-Mart and I got a gift card for more music on my phone and the obvious breakup necessity chocolate and ice-cream. so I’m feeling a little better and happy with my cousin foe being there for me but he’s still a filthy adult that can not be changed. so now I am going to go eat chocolate and find shows to watch with hot guys in them till I pass out. goodnight peeps thanks for listening, stay awesome!