677 Weirding Way.


Okay, here, as they say, is the deal.  The site’s brain is still impaired.  I got the main page to a functional, readable state but, depending on what actions you choose to do, the style will change wildly and without warning.  All I can do is apologize and say I’m working on it, along with Fes.  Hopefully things will be back to something more like normal soon.

If you have any changes to the site you’d like me to consider now would be a good time to drop me an email, or what have you.

Site issues aside, if you follow me on Twitter you may have seen me say something about drawing avatars for followers.  I have decided to make it one of the services I extend to readers. (Like the desktop request thing that I have fallen behind on.)  Basically all you have to do is follow me on twitter.  (Or Facebook, Deviantart, FurAffinity, as long as I’m at it.)  If you send me an email with an image to work from I will make you a small avatar image.  It can be you, or a character of yours.  Obviously the face is going to be the important part, since Twitter avatars are very small.

If you want to add a few comments about what you’d like me to do you’re welcome to do so.  I make no promises about following them.  It’s first come first serve and you get what you get.  I’ll only work on them during downtimes, so there’s no telling how long it will be from the time you ask to the time I finish.  I don’t expect a flood of requests, since only a small percentage of people actually read the blog posts, and an even smaller percentage follow me on twitter.  It could, on some occasions, be minutes between you sending the email and getting the avatar.  It’ll be a mystery to everyone.

You’re welcome to contact me in whatever way you like if you know me on other sites.

Anyway, that’s about the size of things.  I look forward to your correspondences.