1301 Buckets Of Fuck.


Brooksie is at a point where if this was just some work related thing she could get through it without a problem, but since it’s a personal matter she’s having more issues. The strained relationship between these two has hurt both of them. Many of the circumstances haven’t even been their fault, but they got carried away on the tide of bad feelings. I’m sure a few people have already realized this, I know a few of you haven’t, Jolene’s experiences with Reggie are different than the other workers. His nature is braggadocios. How irritating that is to each of the cast members varies based on their personalities, and how Reggie sees them. Jo is the kind of person who causes others to want to help them. Her experience with him early on was better than average because of this. He showed her a side of himself that few people get to see; almost humble, definitely helpful, Reggie.

I’m actually going to stop the shop talk here, because I fear I’m revealing too much. Better just save some of this stuff for my drafts page. XD

I don’t know if Patreon sends an email when I put out a new story chunk, but I bet some of you turned that feature off, assuming it exists. So there’s a new bit of The Wandering King added to the old PDF. I kind of left it on a hanging thought so I may go back to it before the end of the month. No promises.