1300 Hafta Ask.


I had so much trouble choosing a color for Jo’s shirt. That jacket is not the kind of thing that goes with much of anything. It’s meant to be odd, and it does that very well.

Man, the season opener of the Walking Dead was much less traumatic than I expected. I was sure they were going to kill off one of my favorites.

The Teen’s homecoming dance was sad for her because no one asked her to dance. In spite of the fact that she was very fancy for the occasion. She’s got really outdated views about romance. I suspect because her dad did too. The downside of this is that she’s got it in her head that someone is going to come and save her from… whatever it is she needs saving from. I’ll give you that love can, potentially, work like that, but in my experience it rarely does. Which is not to say she should settle for whatever comes along, far from it. Waiting to be rescued from your mundane, or difficult, existence however is counterproductive. Both parties should bring value to the table. If nothing else I hope she learns to be a better judge of character than she is now…

I kind of wish I had more to say, but I’ve been working pretty much constantly so I don’t have any stories to tell. I guess that’s better than having bad things happen though. I’ll take busy and boring before tragic and interesting any day.