1292 Exquisite.


Jo may be having a tiny existential crisis.

My crisis is still photoshop based. I’ve done every concieveable thing to make that damn thing work, but it has to be some kind of random windows update that ruins the program’s ability to sense pressure. As I said before I can make CS1 work okay, but it’s just not as stable, and sometimes I forget to save, or it crashes while saving. Manga Studio is like trying to draw with someone else’s hands. Nothing feels right. Coloring is also a massive hassle because I can’t see the colors well enough to tell when I’m using the wrong ones. I’m going to have to make a little color guide and try to import it to MS if I have to go that route. On the up side the paint bucket seems to work better in MS compared to PS. You can color an ink layer and it doesn’t look all weird if you just leave it on. It’s slower though. I really liked my little coloring filter in PS. I dunno. I’ll figure something out anyway. If nothing else I’m going to try ang complete this section with PS1 so that they at least look the same. After that I’ll play it by ear.

Today was actually the first day I tried to sit down and seriously draw something in Manga Studio. It was the Carol’s birthday image. I have a real problem with how obtuse some of the controls are. Managed to get something out of it anyway.

The Teen has been sick for a few days. She actually stayed home from school two days in a row. She keeps saying she’s going to die, but I’m not getting my hopes up. I feel like she’s going to make it, so I won’t be getting her sweet, sweet, television… I bought her another pile of guitar games. None of which I like particularly, but one of which I refuse to be in the same room with if she plays it. I’m not a fan of country jams. I can tolerate a few songs, but on average I’d just as soon avoid it all together. Only one other kind of music do I dislike more, and that’s Reggae. Don’t try asking what my problem with it is. I just don’t like the sound of it, especially modern frat boy Reggae. Country I tend not to like the sound of AND I dislike the content. My grandparents are country people. I was raised with it around all the time, but something about it… You have to go pretty far back into the archive to find my sweet spot for country. Most people would probably call it American Folk music now.

Anyway, whatever. If I’m honest I hate more kinds of music than I like. It makes car trips a real hassle. The Teen can’t exist for more than a few seconds in silence. Plus she is opposed to pretty much everything I can tolerate. This fills her with the same kind of sadistic joy that I get from mercilessly teasing her. It is ever a source of strife.

As far as I know there has been no progress made on her novella, The Ruiner.