1291 Firefly.


The Teen and I are about to the end of Night Of Champions. The WWE has been remarkably disappointing recently. Maybe they’ve just run out of ideas. As far as me goes I miss when they played at the idea that supernatural powers could be a thing. The defeat of the Undertaker at Wrestlemania 30 seems to have put the final nail in the supernatural wrestler’s coffin. Even Kain spends half his time in a suit…

That said, the end of NOC was funny. I enjoyed it.

I spent the last two days trying to get my old copy of Photoshop cs2 to recognize pressure, but it just won’t. I’ve had to go back to cs1, which is unstable at best. It’s like having my hand smashed in a door. I hate it when shit randomly stops working. Of course Adobe has their new bullshit always online perpetually paying for it version of Photoshop now, so you can’t just buy a copy anymore. The real problem for me is that coloring wil be a real hassle again without my various tricks. Kind of a kick in my artistic teeth.

I never have really gotten the hang of Manga Studio, but I may have to just hobble around with it for now. At least with Manga Studio if I need to upgrade a regular artist can actually afford to. It’s not insanely cheap, but you don’t have to be Wall Street tycoon to continually pay for it. Anyway, I guess we’ll just have to see. I really liked CS2, so I sad to have to potentially hang it up. The stability on my system was great.

I was able to get through this page and the next with PS. The third is up in the air. I’ve never managed to get color to work in Manga Studio. The keystrokes are also all weird.