1287 Most Foul.


In case you don’t pay attention to my twitter feed, I did an interview with Fes of The Webcomic Beacon. If it were just another text interview I wouldn’t bother saying anything here, but since it’s audio I think you guys might get a kick out of it. (I also think text interviews are kind of lazy…) I should warn you though that I get really nervous when I think about being “on stage” so there’s a ton of likes, you knows, and I means, littering my vocalizations. It tapers off near the end when I start to calm down, but I stay pretty edgy for a long portion of it. That said, long time readers will hear echoes of the comic dialogue in my actual speech. Anyway, there’s a few bits of insight concerning the future storylines, so if you like that sort of nuts and bolts talk then this is for you. There’s also a heavy dose of nostalgia for Fes and I who started in the webcomic community at about the same time. Some parts sound like two soldiers sharing the most boring war stories ever recorded… XD Here’s the link.

The Teen’s 16th birthday is this weekend. My mother is taking her and a few of her friends on a trip. Let me tell you, I don’t envy her at all. Not only do I not like car trips, but I can’t stand more than one young person at a time for very long. I couldn’t stand young people when I was one and nothing has changed much on that front. At least now I’m not expected to be around them. Indeed, most people would look at me crosswise if I tried. So much the better I say. That’s not to say I wasn’t an exasperating teen myself. I just kept my groupings to the absolute minimum possible. Basically I hated fun. I pretty much still do. Most of what people do for the sake of fun is just miserable to me. I don’t like crowds, I don’t like noise, I just want to pursue my hobbies peacefully. I know there are others like me in the world, but our very nature keeps us from becoming friends. Just know, brothers and sisters of the pastoral arts, I’m out here too, just chilling out and being awesome. Someday I would like to visit historical places, like Gettysburg, or whatever, but I don’t want to be rushed. If I cant take my time to do something I’d just as soon not do it at all.

On the other hand I think pairing up a fun hater and a fun lover actually makes for a good romantic match. Because the opposing forces keep the pair from being too much of one or the other. I like stories like that. It’s almost always a fun hating male being paired with a fun loving girl though. I’d like to see it gender swapped. Maybe that’s something I’ll have to do myself.

I’ve been waking up too early, so I want to go to bed at, like 5 PM recently. Alternately I go the bed as 12, then wake up at 3, then get crappy sleep till 5, then get up and start my miserable day. It’s not working for me. I’ve started playing my DS before I go to sleep some nights because I find if I do I tend to sleep straight through for the 5 hours instead of waking up 3 hours in. It still leaves me just shy of 6 hours, but I seem to function better. Six to 7 hours seems to be my best sleep range. If I actually go the full eight I get closer and closer to waking up with a headache for whatever reason. At least that’s how it is now. It’s fluctuated over the years.

THis is kind of a weird post. I’m so sleepy…