1675 Evnira.


Evrina is about 3 years younger than Nina. She would have been 14 or 15 the last time they saw one another, making Nina about 18 or there abouts. That’s not really important information, but I do think about stuff like this just to try and keep the relative timeline of the cast in order on the fly. Nina is about 26, Ed is 21 or so, and that makes Evrina around 23. God boy is Evrina’s age, which may or may not get brought up at some point. As it’s not a hugely relevant bit of information I don’t feel like it’s going to ruin anything my revealing that. I still need to get around to naming him.

I have a list of stock names my friends and I used to throw around, maybe I should pull out one of those. Brock Athee, C.J. Cuttington, Biff Huggins, Trent Baxter, Paul Fist, Pete Putnam… Maybe I should name him after my friend Ramon. he looks kind of like a Ramon…