1288 Heavy Debt.


I forgot to mention on the last page that I researched common burial practices of the time period to make sure the story was plausible. That led me to the flu pandemic as a way to bolster Alex’s theories. The event was absolutely devastating. Still, burning a body is generally considered abhorrent for a multitude of reasons, so it was never widely done. Suspicion would have been warranted in this situation. Of course without anyone to enforce the rules around the unscrupulous will take advantage of the less fortunate. Hell, even with a complex system of laws the unscrupulous run rampant. Just imagine what it would be like without that. Well, you don’t have to. All you need to do is read a history book about the settling of America. That’s what happens. Eventually some kind of order will be imposed. Even tyrants hate disorder. In order to feel safe from unsavory elements humans will always set up some kind of system of laws. Of course the problem can then arise of too much law. Sometimes in our efforts to be thorough we go a bit far. (In addition to being racist and a host of other reasons…) Then the law gets out of control. As we see time and again in life balance is what we should strive for.

As far as the comic story goes it’s based on a mish mosh of events I’ve read about and whatnot. Not least of which is The Ghost In The Shed, which I’ve mentioned before. It’s not hard to look up, so I’ll leave that to you. The stories are mostly apocryphal seeing as the point of them, in part, is that the murders are unsolved. Of course families are ostracized out of communities for a lot less than suspected murder, even today, so no problem there.