1286 Land Grab.


I managed to find a Gamestop that had the mega evolution stone for a pinsir today. I chose Y for some reason, but I actually like herracross better which is the bug from X. When you’re getting one or the other you go back to that “who do I have to trade with?” mentality from when you were a kid. Of course I just ended up getting both games back then, because none of my friends liked Pokémon. It’s not as big a deal now with the online trading and whatnot. Of course catching them all has lost a lot of its appeal. I just like playing the game casually, since people have taken serious play to a level that removes all fun from the game. In my opinion. I don’t even intend to use a pinsir, but I like to have any event items just in case. You never know when you might want them later. As far as I know bug types are still underpowered to the point that training them always ends in tears.

I need to get busy and finish the gym challenges in Y, but I’m back on to Fire Emblem right now, so it will just have to wait. That said, I’d like to be finished before Ruby comes out again. Especially if the Teen actually decides to play Sapphire. Of course all this is dependent on release dates. Smash Bros 3DS is top priority, then probably Hyrule Warriors, then Pokémon. I’m not sure what other titles are coming around that time. Too many. They need to space that shit out.