1279 Lost Souls.


I don’t even know what to talk about. It’s just been too much going on for too long. Not stuff that makes for good stories though.

I keep having dreams on off days and not bothering to write them down. I do, however, remember part of one. I was backing out of the alley behind our old house and my truck stalled. An ols lady was rocketing down the street and swerved to miss me, but then ramped up into the neighbor’s yard. Her car smashed into the wall of the house. It was a pretty big mess but when I pulled her from the wreck she was essentially fine except she really needed a spoon. So I went into the house and there wasn’t one, then I went two houses over where they were having a garage sale and tried to buy one. They had no spoons. The guy looked like he was moving away and he told me I had better get going too before it was too late. Then I woke up. Maybe the dream was breaking down as I started to remember it which is why it made virtually no sense. All I know is that I was fully committed to finding that spoon.

I don’t know if they still make them, but when I was a kid there were these particular kind of pencil toppers I liked to chew up. They had them for ages then I stopped seeing them. It was this really silky kind of rubber, and it didn’t erase very well in spite of being portrayed as an eraser. They made them in lots of shapes, like Pac-Man, various space ships, robots, whatever. Every time I got one I would want to keep it because it was a cool something, but eventually it was just too much and I had to chew it up. The substance just felt so good to bite. It was so compellingly satisfying. I mean you wouldn’t want to eat it, but the feeling of biting off little bits… Do any of you know what I’m talking about? I thought of them randomly because my uncles had some above the door to the stair to their rooms when I was little. I had a flash of memory and recalled the little spaceships they had. I wonder what became of them…