1280 First Stage.


There’s a graveyard out by where I live. Of course this is going by rural standards, so it’s really a few miles away, but it’s “near”. It’s fully maintained and whatnot. My father’s previous employer is buried there, and he tends to the site from time to time since his family lives fairly far away. It’s surrounded by trees, so it looks out of place around here. Structures tend to be tree lined so you can tell where people decided to set up camp, then there’s a long stretch of nothing. Strangely, a house sits just up the road from the place. I can’t help but wonder which place was there first. I’m not sure how I would feel if someone decided to slap a graveyard across the street from my house, you know?

There’s another site actually in another small town I’m close to. It sits right next to a house. I mean like the yard is there, then a stone fence, then graves. That might also be a bit much for me. That one is basically open air apart from the wall. It’s only a couple of feet high so I guess it’s just there to mark off the land more than anything else. It’s the last “structure” before you leave town, so they did stick it on an edge at one point. Maybe the houses just filled in the space till they hit it.

In LaJunta the graveyard is pretty big by the look of it and it’s also old looking, but well maintained. It sits on a rise, right by the highway, just past the swimming pool. Also something of an odd choice if you ask me. Maybe it cuts down on swimming accidents though… That whole town looks kind of mish mashed really. It’s falling apart badly in spots. The graveyard looks nicer than most neighborhoods based on my limited experience with the place. It’s called Fairview, which makes me wonder what the intend was. Is the view from the place fair meaning mediocre, or fair meaning it has a light complexion? Maybe everyone had an equal shot at looking at the place.

The main graveyard in my old town is almost full, which makes me wonder what they’ll do once it is. I mean it’s right to the edges at this point. Maybe they’ll pick another chunk of land and have two operations. Now that I think about it I don’t actually know who pays for the upkeep of graves normally. Must be the city in most cases. Clearly it isn’t always, or there are some cities who don’t give a shit about them… I’ve seen at least one house around here that has graves in the back yard. That’s some real family confidence right there. We bought this land, we plant our dead in it, and we are staying for the foreseeable future. That must be getting harder for farm families to do since so few kids want to go into farming now. Got to start teaching them early maybe… it’s like, what do you do if you move, or lose the farm? I guess grammy an peepops get to make some new friends. Or maybe unmake them. >:D