1239 His Destiny.


I was wildly amused when Jo gave Mike the six guns. Pew pew!

Well, the pizza thing took us to a lot of places in the comments. I don’t understand what it is about pizza that makes how you eat it so important to people. Are there any other foods like that? Maybe pizza is the only one that’s contested in any real way… Anyway, it’s strange. I almost never encounter pizza that I feel can be eaten without tools. I choose not to risk my clothes and hands getting greasy whenever possible. I’m a little obsessive about having clean hands since I use them with sensitive electronics.

A few people mentioned Jewishness in their comments. Those were interesting since I rarely encounter for real Jews. They are still pretty rare in the Midwest, plus you can’t pick them out of a crowd by looking. Unless get see an ultra rare Hassidic Jew. They are the shinies of Jewishness. Anyway, if any of you want to tell me stories of your not Christian upbringings I would be interested in reading them. That also goes for Catholics and what have you too. I was raised some in some kind of generic version of Christianity that didn’t have a lot of line dancing, or whatever it is Catholics do. Honestly I think I met more Mormons than anything else. At least in so far as people who wanted desperately to tell me about their belief system. Of course they never told me tales of actually being raised Mormon, which I would have found more interesting, in all honesty. Anyway, tales of your childhoods, whatever your faith, or not faith might be. I would like to read them please.