1240 Complexities.


I have to say, you guys were certainly in a sharing mood this weekend. XD I’m glad to know I have a readers with a range of experiences. I couldn’t help but notice some commonalities too, of course.

I wonder what we should talk about now… If I wasn’t thinking about it I’d totally be able to come up with something I want to know. How about this? Ever had a supernatural experience? Tell me about that? I’m thinking of it because of a thing in Animal Crossing.

So, for those of you who don’t play, in Animal Crossing: New Leaf you can “dream” of other towns you wouldn’t be able to visit normally. As far as I know it’s totally pointless other than to see what people are doing with their design ideas, but it is cool to see what other people are up to, especially if you don’t get to visit a lot of towns.

Anyway there’s a village in Japan called Aika. It’s set up really weird and tells some sort of creepy story as you move from house to house. It’s basically set up like a spiral, and the whole town is built so as to make you pass through it in a specific way. Honestly I can’t do the thing justice with a blog post, but I know of a youtube channel that has a two part walkthrough of the town. It’s not comprehensive though. Going there is better. Click here to check out the Creepy Gaming video. Try to ignore the opening “skit”…

The whole thing is pretty brilliant as far as a horror themed village goes. Strangely enough, if you ask Porter about the visitor count he says 90 people have visited. It seems strange to me that the number would be so low for such a well known destination. Maybe the counter resets after a certain number? I dunno. In any event, as hard as it tries to be creepy it’s still taking place in the Animal Crossing world and that severely undercuts the menace. Even more so for me because my town happens to share a resident with Aika. What this means is that one character knew me and was really happy that I was in her dream. XD She’ll probably mention it when I see her next time.