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I finally sat down and tried Assasin’s Creed 3 yesterday. It was different from what I expected. Much slower starting. it also has the problem of almost all Xbox games of having the most miniscule text and/or putting white text over white backgrounds. The result being a lot of guesswork whenever I got trapped in an activity, like playing a board game. In any event the story was compelling and the minor flaws weren’t enough to truly detract from anything seriously. Not in the very short time I played at any rate. I finally stopped when we arrived in the new world and I misunderstood my notoriety. Assuming that I’d done nothing anyone would have heard about I casually strolled into a place crawling with hessians and red coats. Which resulted in getting chased all over creation while not truly understanding what I needed to do to escape. It was very late and I was too tired to think clearly. Having done nothing important since the incident I simply turned off the system.

After many years I finally completed Find Mii on my 3DS. In fact the game spanned 2 systems. Nintendo’s ill conceived street pass feature has finally taken hold in the one horse town I pass through occasionally. The result being that I have been able to throw Mii upon Mii at the creatures holding poor Nina hostage. Nina is my street pass and Mario Kart Mii, by the way. I’ve actually passed enough people now that I briefly considered purchasing more street pass games. Insane, I know, but a sort of madness fell upon me. I had hope that the street pass feature would actually work now. Luckily I regained my sanity before spending any money.

I used a giftcard my sister gave me to purchase the GOTY edition of Borderlands 2. I haven’t finished 1, but it was $5 new, with free shipping. A deal so good I thought it had to be a scam. I risked it anyway and was pleasantly surprised when a complete and normal copy of the game arrived. As far as I can tell it is legit. At some point I will hopefully be able to finish Borderlands and the sequel will be waiting for me patiently.