1182 What Did I Just Say?


I sacrificed a more anime presentation of this moment in favor of drawing a giant panel. Was it the right choice? I don’t know, but I do enjoy painting a tree.

If you look to the underblog you will see links to full size comic panels. Panels large enough to be used to make all manner of desktops. I invite you to do so and share with us all. It occurred to me that there are talented people, with spare time, in the audience. Who would be pleased to take the burden of making such things off of me. In the interest of not grasping control quite so tightly I’ve simply provided the materials. Also, the last link works, but for some reason the server refused to make a thumbnail for it. If you click it you will find the art is there.

The other day the teen threatened to make a dating profile for me someplace. It was an empty threat, but it got me thinking about how interesting it would be if she actually did try to impersonate me. It would basically be like looking at what she thinks I like and how I am. My guess is she would lead with something about My Little Pony because she is obsessed with the fact that I like the show and is always petitioning me to wear things that will let people know where I stand on pony related issues. Honestly though I have no idea what she actually knows about me since a lot of information seems to pass over her like water over a riverbed. I’ve got her all figured out though

Name: Teen

Age: Too young for dating websites

Likes: Penguins, Vampires, werewolves, combinations of vampires and werewolves, Draculas, Blackulas, Son of Kong, Men with angel blood, sensitive bad boys, John Cena, Tripple H before he was a suit, Shawn Michaels, Deadpool, Call Of Duty but not team deathmatches

Dislikes: The Rock, Doing anything, Being noticed, Not being noticed, Snakes, Snakes, Snakes, Food with
nutritional value, School

These are the most important data points I’ve gathered.

I feel like there was something else I was going to talk about, but I’ve forgotten it. I guess if it comes to me I’ll say something about it Monday. Hope to see you then.