1181 Drowned Rat.


First of all I’ll say that I intend to make the various desktop images that people have asked for from the various panels they have cited. When time permits they will appear in the underblog. I think the RSS will bring that to you automatically. If you don’t RSS, which I don’t, I’ll try to remember to tweet it. The list is as follows:

Nina looking at the rain.
Jo enjoying the rain.
Probably some panels from tonight.
Probably some panels from Friday.


If you honest to got want to buy prints of any of these I can set it up on Deviantart for print on demand. It’s pricey, but they do quality work. At least they always have for me in the past. Everything seems to be falling apart these days, so who knows. In any case I think only one person has ever requested a print and actually bought one, so you’ll excuse me if I don’t jump all over getting that set up right away.

I got a flu shot today, because I just don’t want to fuck with the flu this year. Or really any year from this point in my life onward. I’m sick of other humans rolling around in their filth and then spreading it really. Cover you’re fucking mouths, you braying cattle. I’m sure this is all unnecessary to say in my blog, because anyone who would read my comic is obviously a cut above the average monkey. So I hereby deputize you to call people on their shit when you catch them hacking ALL OVER THE GODDAMN ORANGES LIKE WE LIVE IN THE FUCKING THIRD WORLD YOU FUCKING WORTHLESS SHITHILLS! I WANTED ORANGES! WRAAADKNF{SOINF{OFNF{OFBO}OBBO}FG]EWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But I digress…

People like that are why we have to have a CDC. Why we will all, eventually, be consumed by legions of horrifying undead. Also terrorists and weaponized plague, but let’s not discount flue epidemics either.

When it comes to disease we are at the mercy of the stupidest of our kind. It is a chilling thought.

I started customizing my spare Trailcutter figure the other day. I gave him a little flamethrower nozzle on one are and stripped some paint off. I’m not sure what else I’ll do, but it’s a pretty neat start. I made the nozzle from Beast Hunters Arcee’s bow/claw weapon. It’s a total pile so who cares what happens to it? I’m thinking of using part of it to make him a shoulder mounted rocket launcher, kind of like the gen one Slag Dinobot had. Tralcutter has a ton of ports for stuff actually. He can be loaded out with weapons if you have some, so I think he’ll make a good new Decepticon, or maybe another unlikeable Autobot. XD