1161 See Worthy.


Who hasn’t learned some new use of a word and thought this? Language can be truly infuriating sometimes.

I have played a significant amount of Call Of Duties Zombies with my cousin. Enough now that a mythos is beginning to take shape between us. An example of this is Ballistic Knife Steve. The Ballistic knife is, in my opinion, the worst weapon in the game. The thing is, whenever there is something that sucks in a game there will all ways be people who will make that their THING. Like players who specialize in Zangief in Street Fighter. Ballistic Knife Steve is that person in our world. Nobody likes BK Steve. In fact, he had to transfer to a new school because of his obsession with this terrible weapon. Now he lives every day in fear of being invited to play Call Of Duty. If they ever learn of his terrible past it’ll be more of the same. Fuck you, Ballistic Knife Steve, wherever you are.