1160 Ninjoed.


See, right there? Complacency will get you every time. Get a little too comfortable and BAM! The secret, like all secrets, is trying to get noticed. It wants to be found. Although, honestly, I don’t think everyone finding out would really be much of a catastrophe. That said, there’s nothing wrong with playing it safe, and in a situation like this it only really seems silliest in hindsight. Of course even if you suspect a relationship is forming between friends, to the point of it nearly being blatant, the moment of actual confirmation is always sort of special. I have to say I particularly like Jo’s response to officially finding out.

I’ve been playing a little more Pokémon X. I was actually getting kind of sick of the start of the game at one point, and nearly put it aside again. I even considered the possibility that I might just be getting sick of Pokémon for good… but then I got an interesting monster over wonder trade and was back in. It’s a ghost sword. I really love ghost pokemon and a self swinging sword was the exact right thing to come to me at that moment. On top of that I had it in my party at a very low level when a trainer accosted me with her two Lucario. They didn’t have and moves that could damage ghost types. So, after wiping my team except for this sword ghost, the damn thing let me beat them into submission without ever taking damage to itself. Thank goodness the trainer didn’t have potions though. I had to wear them down with tackle for round upon round before they fainted. Still, it was totally epic and made me want to learn more about this steel/ghost type. Which is apparently weak to ground.

My team is, unfortunately, fighting heavy. I’m probably going to have to get rid of my panda thing and replace it with a psychic. Which sucks because Gollet are common in this game and I totally love them. Ideally I’d like to get a Ralts, preferably female, to fill the spot, but I haven’t encountered any so far. Guess we’ll see.

I only play 30 minutes or so at a time.

This morning I couldn’t sleep so I got up and sat on the floor, in the dark, for a bit. Eventually I decided to play the Wii until I had to get up. I settled on Mario Galaxy, since I never completed the Luigi stars. Having been away from it for so long I was reminded why I played it so obsessively, and its sequel. It’s just a fantastic game. The kind that just makes you happy to be experiencing. Mario Sunshine was like that for me too. (Although I could never get all the stars in that one.)

Animal Crossing is a total ghost world still. If any of you pick it up, or are still playing, I have a bunch of cool stuff to trade. Extra mush series things, exclusive carpets and wallpapers… Lets cross some animals here.