1929 Life Finds A Way.


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If Jo is the sum of all me psychosis then Jess is all my crazy belief in myself. She’s not fooling herself though, or trying to fool Jo into believing. To her this is all a calculated risk and all endeavors involve some risk. People who succeed are just the ones who outlast their failures. There is a junkheap of disasters strewn behind every person whose name you know because they made something of themselves. You don’t make Spider-man on your first swing. You work up to him, and even then you’ll likely spend 60 years evolving him into whatever he is to the world at large. Not everyone is built to survive the stress that consistent failure causes. I could never trade cattle, for instance. It’s too complex with too many variables to cope with, but my father thrives doing it. At the same time he couldn’t tolerate sitting, alone in a room, making imaginary people say things to each other. Everyone has their place in the world…