1930 Heart’s Bane.


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Having abandonment issues is reasonable if you keep getting abandoned. Honestly Jo is pretty chipper for someone who life has shit on pretty regularly as a child/young adult. We kind of start the story with her in a state of getting her life in order and making it her own. At some point I’m gonna circle back to it via her relationship with Jess. That should be… Fun? Interesting? Compelling? Hopefully some generally positive adjective.

My right ear keeps getting pugged up and it makes me annoyed.

Looks like Thanksgiving is on a Thursday this year, so I won’t be posting on the day. If that’s a celebration you take part in I hope you have a good one and your family isn’t super insane, or whatever. My sister and her family visited early because of scheduling. My nephew looks like a little boy version of my sister when she was little. It’s weird. Not in a genetic sense. That actually makes sense. More like in a it’s strange to remember being young way. He’s a very active kid. Also like his mother. She was never one to sit still for long. They are coming back before Xmas. That’s not really important, but now you know it too.

The holiday shouldn’t disrupt my schedule too much, I hope. Regular update on Friday and all that. I kind of want to make a throw away post just for fun, but I can’t think of anything funny. Screaming random curse words never really works for me. In any case I’ll have something up as usual.