1154 March Hare.


These debates about who screwed who are pretty interesting. Even my even handed viewpoint came under attack at one point. XD I have to say that, as far as holding a grudge after a breakup goes, the time you hold on to those bad feelings correlate to how much you loved the person and how much it hurt to have them gone. Some people can just give people up and move on, but it’s been my experience that even those kinds of people can have an attitude shift when they lose a mate that they thought of as “the one”. So, maybe attachment is the deciding factor for the statute of limitations on relationship stuff? I dunno, I haven’t thought the argument out, I’m just letting the thoughts spill out. In any case the interaction between Dawn and Nina is not one that is going to foster understanding. Nina made her mind up a long time ago and was perfectly willing to let it all slide for the sake of keeping the peace until Dawn found her hot button. She kind of screws the cap down on being scary today. A Nina is clearly not a creature that should be stirred to action…