538 Golden Haired Idol.


Some of you guys really like cheese.  Like, more than a friend…  O_O

Also, I’ll be in Garden City on December 1st.  Those of you with books you want signed, or otherwise defaced by the “artist” are welcome to contact me for location details.  I don’t want the clowns to be able to find me, so best not explain the whole trip in the open…  <_<

Moving on…

There are those among you who may remember that I swore off handheld Legend Of Zelda games after completing Minish cap.  There were a lot of little things about the play experience that I didn’t care for.  When they revealed the DS title I, like an abused lover, was prepared to give Zelda another try.  At least until I found out it was primarily touch controlled.  I don’t like the imprecise nature of the touch screen.  So I held fast to my previous ban.  Now Nintendo has almost fully revealed LOZ: Spirit Tracks and I can feel them trying, desperately, to pull me back in.  It has trains, which I like, but feel might be odd in the context of the Zelda universe, and now I find out it also has a ghost Zelda you can control… 

Trains AND ghosts.  Two great tastes that taste great together.

Well played Nintendo, well played…

The problem now is that I’m not going to skip a title.  I’ll have to find the previous Zelda game, and potentially suffer through it, to get to this new ghost train themed Zelda, which I may also end up suffering through.  Since this is a first party title it’s probably still the same price it was when it was released.  Because, even though Nintendo is a good company for the most part, they still have many dickish tendencies.  I’ve never played Mario Galaxy because said LAUNCH TITLE is still in the $50 price range however many years hence it’s been.  (Pokemon Wii and Fire Emblem Wii are also included in this dickstorm of price gouging.)

Thow me a bone Nintendo.  I gave up on dreams of playing Dead Rising (The complete 360 version, although I though the Wii version was great.), Fable 2, Team Fortress 2, Final Fantasy13, Ghostbusters (With realistic graphics) and many other titles to stick with you. 

Best friends forever, Nintendo?  BEST FRIENDS FOREVER!?