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Does Thomas suspect my divine hand in their world?! I think he does! XD I couldn’t resist this moment of… I’m not even sure what to call it. This page and the next split in a funny way. I felt like this part could kind of be on its own where as the next needed more words. I guess you can judge for yourselves on Wednesday.

The Teen went boating with her brother this weekend. She had a good time but the net result was the loss of her expensive camera we got her for Christmas. I say loss, but what I mean by that is it got rained on. Thoroughly enough to corrode the insides. I’ve never seen water do that much damage in the span of a day. In any even the internals were damaged beyond my skill to repair them. The weird corrosion seeped into all the important parts too, leaving less vital portions unharmed. If I didn’t know better I’d say it looked like an assassination rather than an accident. Hopefully we bought accident insurance, but it may just be a lost cause. Maybe someone will have a use for a broken camera on ebay.

I picked up Shovel Knight for the 3DS. If you own a 3DS it’s a must have title. The quality of the craftsmanship is really amazing. The game itself is kind of like a bunch of old Capcom games merged into a strange adventure. Duck Tales and Mega Man are the most accurate parents I’ve heard suggested. Anyway, look up a review and decide for yourself. For my part I recommend it strongly.

I forgot to say that you can get Shovel Knight on lots of other things too, so look for it even if you don’t have a 3DS.

Also, before I forget, thanks to all the new Patreon supporters. I appreciate the help.