1032 You Lied To Me.


A new wave of blind bag ponies appeared today. I got a couple. They’re crystal shine style, or some such thing. What that means in regular people talk is they are a translucent plastic with eyes and hair painted on. Apparently the Americal release of these things is all over the map as far as order is concerned. There was a set that had glow in the dark ponies in it, which is like catnip to me. Maybe they’ll do those later on or something. In any case the quality control on this set is dramatically reduced. I mean these things are meant to be cheap, but Hasbro is taking it to the limit in this case.

Before Christmas there was supposed to be a Wal-Mart exclusive set of this style of figure, but none ever appeared around here. Not until the other day. A stack of them were stuck on a clearance shelf. They were about half the price I saw advertised when I became aware of them, so that was something at least. The set has some of the regular character. Twilight and Fluttershy are missing for whatever reason. The rest are repaints of the original 5 mold set. The quality control on this set is pretty lax too, but they doubled down on these crystal numbers.

Another odd thing about the set is it’s called Pinkie Pie & friends. I guess Twilight and Fluttershy can go fuck themselves. (I apologize for any brain damage that link causes in advance. You’ll have to create an account to see it anyway, so you have to be pretty hell bent on seeing what cannot be unseen.)

One of the WM ponies is called Water Fire, even though her cutie mark has the fire above water. I guess someone at Hasbro decided Firewater wasn’t an acceptable name for one of these things. XD Shame they didn’t care as much about the paint application…

Our store just got a box of those Transformer guys based on the video game. It’s the first new stuff since I found the tiny Ultra Magnus, and he was the only new thing in I don’t know how long. I don’t know if someone local is a collector, or they just don’t give a fuck about Transformers, but I don’t get out that way enough to keep an eye on it. In any case I haven’t had any need for these Generations guys. They’re molds I don’t like, or guys I have better versions of, in my opinion. I almost got Ultra Magnus just for the novelty of him actually having a G1 looking head for a change. Ever since that fucking IDW comic where his armor got knocked off he’s been getting trotted out as a white Optimus repaint. Fuck that shit. I like the way that Prime Magnus is kind of a split difference between the Prime style and the Animated style. In all honesty the version I really wanted was that 3rd party armor set for the first or second Generations Prime. The one that had the weird truck flaps stuck on his forearms. I thought that stuff was great, but had no money at the time. It’s probably still out of the question now. Which is fine really. The big problem with Transformers is there’s no cohesiveness to them. The best versions of any given character vary stylistically too greatly from version to version. Generations used to kind of be my go to for headcanon figures, but over time they’ve got all scattershot about it. Jazz was cool (the g1esque one) but Prowl/Bluestreak/Smokescreen are kind of shit. There’s also the problem of guys just being made in whatever order strikes some dude’s fancy someplace. They get through a few G1 guys then fart off to some new thing they thought of. Plus there’s the problem of some guys never showing up anywhere, or being shortpacked. Which is why G1 shelf is all fucked up looking…

these same problems plague any toy line though. There was no good Hulk toy for the Avengers. No one at any point in the production process looked at the sculpt and said “Has anyone noticed how crappy Hulk looks?” The face on some of them are okay, but they couldn’t get all the parts to be one shade of green. Shit, I haven’t even seen one at all since they plopped down the DVD release displays. We’re doing gread on the Amazing Spiderman though. So much so they clearanced out a bunch of them, so I got one to go with my Avengers. I like how he looks like he stylistically belongs in their universe. I actually have a better version of Spider-Man from years ago that’s the right scale, but he’s cartoony.

He came from some bullshit game system Marvel trotted out YEARS ago. He was just too good to pass up as a figure. There was also a Doom and he came with Ben Grim, but my Ben had two left feet. FUCK FROM THE PAST! I don’t even remember if Spiderman came with anyone. I was actually still in to Marvel back then. which seems insane to even say now on some level.

Anyway, i don;t know where I was going with this anymore. Let’s stop before I start telling tales of past girlfriends.