1033 Piper.


I hate to end the week on this, but there’s just no helping it. This went through some mutations; various thoughts Thomas had and whatnot, but eventually decided just to leave it silent. I’m not going to lie to you, I have not been looking forward to the oncoming section of the comic. It’s been a struggle filling out the outline and recent events only complicated matters. If nothing else I’ll finally stop getting emails asking when Thomas is finally going to be reunited with this kissmesis of his.

Warning! Explanitory Spoiler!
For those of you who haven’t ever read the archive, the first story is partially about Thomas finding a book written by an ex girlfriend and being very irritated about how his life had gone nowhere while she was doing a thing. He also finds out that she requested that he be there to help with a book signing that Mike, having no knowledge that the breakup was a bad one for Thomas, set up. The ammount of time between then and now in comic time has never been explicitly stated, but in my mind it’s been a few months.
End spoiler.

In other news the time has finally come to redo the website. Problem is I’m still not in a state where I can properly think about this kind of thing. So I’m asking you guys for ideas. You can leave a comment here describing how you’d like things to look, what you might want changed, ect. If you have the skills to make a visual representation you can mail them to me. the address is on the link bar where it has been for years.

All I really want at this point is for the archive to be searchable in a better way, the navigation buttons to be large enough that you can easily use them on mobile devices, the comments be saved, and the site to be a dark enough shade of whatever so that the comic is what your eye is drawn to. The ads kind of dictate how the layout works for the most part anyway, so I don’t know what really there is to be done.

In any case it’s a chance for you to participate in the magic.