1031 Twenty One.


Well, I don’t know about you, but the previous page’s blog “discussion” left a sour taste in my mouth. Let us never speak of it again. >:|

There is a downloadable demo for the new Fire Emblem game on the 3DS. After playing it I almost wish I hadn’t, because now I must wait with the knowledge that this fantastic thing is coming and I can’t have it yet. My patience is almost completely spent on every other aspect of my life. So, when it comes to entertainment, when I can have a thing now I get it now. With games I often have to wait for years before I get a price drop, but with Nintendo, especially now, I know it’s never coming, so I don’t bother waiting. I just suck it up. The downside of this is that it only encourages Nintendo’s heinous business practices, but their games are like crack to me. Pokemon, Advance Wars & Fire Emblem, particularly on the handhelds, fit my prefered gaiming style perfectly. They are made to play in the times between. Plus they are sort of video game equivalents of playing with action figures or a board game. Moving little things around, pitting them agains one another… Awesome.

Tactical RPG games also give me this feeling, which is why I loved Final Fantast Tactics Grimoire Of The Rift while others experienced it dissmissively. War Of The Lions is generally considered the pinacle of the game type, and every version since seems to be looked down upon by the gaming elite. But whatever, I love those games too and have come to love the setting they take place in, after dragging my feet at the start of Final Fantasy 12. But I digress.

The Gamecube version of Fire Emblem is a fine game. I enjoyed playing it. In fact, that experience is chronicled in these blog posts, assuming they aren’t some of the lost entries from the server upgrade. I made a “perfect save” to take into the Wii game. Unfortunately that game is frustratingly hard. It’s brutality is well documented. Even with the extra power of an imported save you will be hard pressed to get to the end of the game without losing party members. Some say it cannot be done. I wouldn’t know. for whatever reason I couldn’t be bothered to play the same battle over and over again that time. Not when even simple battles take hours and one mistake leaves your party in ruins. Someday I will take it on again. Perhaps I will find a way to armstrong it. For me, however, the actual difficulty was not the problem. The problem was that it was for a console. I would tolerate that kind of punishment and repetetive play in a handheld game. In sure there must be a limit, but having the game on a portable device allows me to multitask. I can watch television while I play. Thus doubling my recreation fun.

So now I wait. You guys, they made your game avatar customizable, you guys. You didn’t even see yourself properly in the other game where you had one.