1009 Just Walk Away.


Let’s just admit that comedy demanded this outcome.

I constantly write things that demand charaters to embrace in some way, but that shit is insane to draw. Especially because I made everyone different heights, weights, and what have you. Constantly trying to figure out how tall everyone is in relation to everyone else is mental. The fact that I sometimes forget doesn’t help. Jess should be someplace between Nina and Carol. Jo is almost as tall as Carol, and possibly as tall as her because she tends to crouch when she’s nervous, and Carol makes her nervous. Kind of like how everyone thinks Jerry Lewis was shorter than Dean Martin. Jerry worked in a crouch, so it seemed that way. My father hasn’t been taller than me in decades, but in my head he’s always taller than me. Anyway, it was a pain working out this page. That’s part of why I tend to have embraces and stuff dominate images, because they eat up all the time for a page, so they may as well be the biggest part of it.

I went to the dentist a while ago, and had to have some work done on one of my front teeth. I’d basically ground the covering of it off so the insides were being exposed. Long story short, the dentist ground it down a bit and put sealant of some kind on it. The thing is, that tooth was basically the resting point for my jaw for my entire life almost. It was always uneven and off, so my mouth just adapted to it. It made it so my teeth don’t sit all straight across. Not just it, but it was a major player in the game. Now that it’s changed my mouth doesn’t know what to do with itself. It took a day or so to get used to eating with the new setup, and now I grind my teeth in a different way, so other parts of my mouth are sore when I wake up. It was a very important tooth. I used it to finely cut up certain kinds of food. It’s just, you never think about that stuff until something changes it, but then it’s too late. It made me think that this must be something like what the Doctor goes through every time he regenerates. As a nerd I must filter all experience through the prism of my nerdiary.