954 Equivalent Exchange.


Cartoon Network has gotten into this dick habit of releasing little shit sets of shows then releasing the season sets waaaay after that. They tend to make overtures of never releasing season sets too. Why treat your fans like this? Who is making these dicksisions? They need to be stopped. If you want to release seasons in sections that’s fine, but don’t just put a few random episodes on a disc and title it. That’s foul. Nicktoons also tries this shit every so often. To their credit they usually offer sectional seasons AND total season sets. I appreciate this. The Hub is also a repeat offender. They sell multiple part episodes as sets and then put them on the season sets. Which isn’t so bad really, except they sort of lead you to belive that the “movies” won’t be on the season sets. Now that I write it out apparently this kind of dickcraft is rampant, I suspect across all media… It’s doodyballs, and needs to be curbed. Angryface >:|

So my stack of games I want to sell are relatively valuable. At least if the general price varience on ebay is to be believed. Mostly because I kept the boxes and stuff. By themselves the games are nothing special. Except maybe Metal Gear Solid for the Gameboy Color. Even on its own that one prices out fairly well. I’ll probably sell one copy of Final Fantasy for the NES. I just can’t bring myself to sell off both. (I had two so I could have two saves and the second one was $9 clearance) Most of my collection is safe. It’s just the random stuff I want to be rid of. Actually getting them sold is something else altogether… I kept them in nice shape in spite of the titles being kind of manky. I almost sat Who Framed Roger Rabbit (NES) in the pile, but couldn’t do it. It is one of the worst games ever made, but my little sister used to play it a lot when we were kids. Mostly she just drove the car around. In fact I don’t think she did anything else. Not that anything else would improve the experience. Driving to the goals was about the only fun part of the game, if memory serves. I beat it one time. The last boss battle is one of the longest there is, and you can fuck it up even if you beat (spoiler) Judge Doom. Of course beating it doesn’t even earn you a memorable ending scene, because I can’t remember it at all. It still works… Maybe I should pop it in…

I actually have a few shitty games because there were no magazines to warn you at the time. There sure as fuck wasn’t an internet. You just had to guess, or get whatever value deal Sears was running for Xmas. Which I suspect is how I ended up with Fester’s Quest. For being a legendary crappy game FQ really isn’t that bad. Especially if you have a rapid fire controller. No, actually, it’s ONLY not so bad if you have a rapid fire controller. Which I did. The Advantage. Fester’s Quest was almost the only game I used it for, because I hate joysticks. I also have Double Dribble presumable because it came in a bundle with a few Konami games, like Castlevania, which doesn’t suck. At least compared to other games of its time. My parent’s were well aware of my indiference towards sports, leading to my bundle game theory. Also I saw the catalog. I actually got pretty good at Double Dribble in spite of not likeing basketball. Just because eventually it was the only thing left to play.

Ultima is in the pile too. One of the most tedious RPGs I have ever played. I have a vague memory of beating it, or seeing it beaten. I have a clear memory of it being fucking terrible. RPGs on the NES were pretty desolate places before the Japanese came in and made some good ones. Ultima two was shit as well, but less so that one. Which isn’t saying much, but there we are. The character creation stuff was neat. then the gameplay arced sharply downhill from there. I still remember how surprised I was when I rented Final Fantasy, knowing it was an RPG, and it didn’t suck. Maybe that’s why I wasn’t much of an action gamer. So many of my early ones were so terrible, so I just stuck with the series that didn’t burn me. XD

I have all the NES Megamans, but 2 is still my favorite. It was the idea of Megaman perfected. Everything after that was just trying to improve on what couldn’t be. X3 At least until X…