1008 A Mighty Need!


So… Mega Bloks has made World Of Warcraft sets and is set to begin producing sets for Skylanders. The WOW ones are made in such a way that you can customize your armor. They are basically the exact idea I once had for accessories for playing D&D with. These sets won’t be any more expensive than other gaming accessories, so I feel like there’s a chance for some overlaping sales there. Unfortunately they are going to be limited by the coating of WOW as far as class types and whatnot, but it’s a good idea they could expand on. I’d love to make a little set of Between Failures adventurers out of these things. I don’t actually have any of them, but if they are as well done as the Halo stuff they’ll be pretty cool. Of course if they are as poorly done as the Marvel stuff then they’re fucked.

I haven’t even seen the Skylander stuff close up. I assume the sets come with an unlock code for the various iOS games and the website. They have to do at least that much I would think. Just a guess at this point as I’ve only seen listings online. I suppose it’s possible that the figures could come with a little base that could work like a typical skylander stand. The brain of the toys is clearly pretty small. Makes me want to see if anyone has taken one apart…