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Holiday weeks are generally times of lowered traffic since people tend to be traveling, or otherwise distracted, but I’ve always tried to have posts up regardless. Not everyone has something to do, so I like to be there for them. It’s not much, but it’s something. Plus not everyone celebrates American holidays.

Anyway, happy thanksgiving if you celebrate. Happy Thursday if you don’t.

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I absolutely love these puppet shenanigans. The characters in this comic and the things they get up to, the way they interact, it all keeps me coming back.

Fucking hell. I shoulda known. Every time there’s more than one puppet, they always end up fucking. Every. Single. Time.

…was…was that nose ALWAYS detachable? Like for a bit? A BITE bit?

Still though, it remains hilarious. I have no idea where the hell this is going, and for once, I don’t care.

Also, be careful if you’re out tonight; it’s Blackout Wednesday in the US and that means drinking and driving.

Simple puppet anatomy tells us that everything is detachable if you try hard enough.

That said, I’m really impressed that Mike had a “noseless puppet voice” all ready to go.

And I’m wondering if this is the kind of thing which would impress Rulette.

Right now I just remembered a segment on (i think?) Sesame Street where one of the Muppets disassembled his own face…

Apparently you do, too. ;)

Overseas reader here – it’s just a Thursday (although retail knows no boundaries – we’ve been having Black Friday sales all month??!). Thanks, Jackie. I like this iteration of the ‘got yer nose’ we do to kids. Ofc, I’m loving this whole puppet arc.

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