975 Dude, C’mon!

I made a Facbook page here which is a different thing from the Facebook group apparently. Anyway, you can go there and like it, because it’s my understanding that’s a thing people do. Anyway, there’s a bunch of people to talk to on the facrbook group already if you want to interact with other readers. It works better than that old forum, and Facebook is pretty safe from spammers, so it won’t get destroyed anytime soon, unlike the forum…

I passed by a Gamestop on my way from point A to B and got the new downloadable legendary Pokemon. It was not the typical easy experience it once was. Usually you don’t even have to go in the store. They just use a DS to send out the signal constantly, and although Nintendo officially claims that 30 feet is the max distance for most of their wireless stuff it’s actually significantly better a lot of the time. This time, however it wasn’t working, which was odd. So I went inside and told the dude what my intention was. He tried to get a preorder out of me, but I don’t pass that way often enough to make it a good idea. So I’m standing there and there’s no signal. I’m right near the counter, so I know I’m plenty close. The thing is I cracked open my DSi to fix one of the shoulder buttons, so I think I must have damaged the wireless somehow. I ask the guy if I can borrow a used DS and he says it’s cool, so I try again. Nothing. By now the guy is invested in my story and he’s like “I know that one works, I bought it back myself.” So he gets out another DS. Nothing. Now he’s looking at this stack of DSs going “Okay, this isn’t good…” and finally I’m like “Maybe it’s the one that sends the signal. Are they still under the counters, or do they come over something else now?” Dude facepalms, reaches to his right, and turns on the master system that was sitting under the locked shelves. “They must have turned it off last night…” Two seconds later I’m downloading the pokemon on my own DSi. XD I pestered the dude about the whole thing for so long that I actually bought a little blind pack Halo avatar figure because I feel bad for just coming in and not getting anything. I got lucky and pulled one that didn’t look stupid, so it all worked out fine.

Well, I know you’re curious, so first off I got back that email account. Whoever got in only sent 2 emails to 4 people 2 of which were dead accounts. It must have been caught right away. I have no idea what they were trying to actually do because the emails are for two random companies. One that appears to be legit. It’s strange. I wonder if they got my info out of some service I used ages ago, or something. The contact book for that account is practically useless. Maybe they realized that right away and just gave up. In any case I think I resecured all my sensative information, and that email has been disconected from everything important. It’s function now is basically reduced to gathering sale notices from companies I like. Which is still usefull to me for keeping my comic accounts clear of twaddle. Anyway, everything is under observation for now…


Does anybody else notice that when John smokes, the smoke is sharp zigzags, but when Brooksie smokes it’s cute little curlicues?

Just sayin.

Ahhh, the John/Brooksie smoke signatures…just one of the many details put into this story that makes BF fall into the genre of “awsome sauce.” Wait…can awesome sauce be a whole genre? What am I thinking, of course it can.

Your backgrounds have also become so much more detailed and really add to the BF world. Good job, man.

I snagged two keldeo, one on each cart (mine and my gf’s), and it was a breeze… kinda odd they shut it down and didn’t know. I suppose it’s odder to me since my wearable triggers on DS output signals, so I’d’ve been able to see that.

I have a friend who lives in a small town which doesn’t have a gamestop who, thanks to dumps of the US and J distro ROMs, set up his own Keldeo distribution event, and got the word out via social media, since kids in the town wouldn’t have a way to go get Keldeo, and it saves 110mi. of gas (round trip) for people who would be able to, but wouldn’t want to spend the money. Kinda neat, I thought.

I love this web-comic and its characters. Whenever I read a majority of the dialogues my mind sometimes get flashes of nostalgia. Most of the time it is obvious and the author purposely places it there, but at times I think my mind is sometimes wanting to see links that are not there. In this case, I don’t think I was supposed to read John’s line “Need a light?” in the same voice as the as the Firebat’s “Need a light?” quote from Starcraft, but I couldn’t help it. Am I insane?

FaceBeeyotch hates me. I do now now, never did, and never will have an account there, so when I tried to look at your new page, it threw up a screen that said (well, in effect) “Sign in now, baud slave, or begone forever!”

Screw ’em.

I don’t know if it’s just the dialogue, or John-as-Silent-Bob, but I got a strong Kevin Smith feel off this comic. Like, Clerks-era Kevin Smith. Which is good.

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