How the HELL did I see “Not the face” (x2) coming XD Seriously, I’ma FREAKIN psychic!!!

P.S. Lucky SOB >.<

P.S.S. Is he trying something with speaking that enlargement spell? Hmmm…

It should be PPS, as in Post Post Script, or else PSS should be first, as in Post Script Script. In which case the second one should have some other denomination, such as PSS(2), PPSS, PPSSS, or similar. You could also just number PSs, such as PS, PS(2), PS(3), or use Roman numerals if you want to avoid association with Sony, such as PS, PS(II), PS(III), and so on.

I suppose I can stop waxing pedantic over grammar terms, but why would I want to?

I think she likes him.

Just maybe.

And this might just be my dirty mind, but the second panel makes me think she’s dry humping him.

I suspect that him saying Engorgio is a reference to a ‘certain part’ of his ‘anatomy’ that is growing at that very moment…if you catch my drift.

Or perhaps he noticed that she’s especially tall, he’s short, she noticed he’s short, and wishes he were bigger.

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