I have only one problem with proposed theory, and its not so much a problem as it is a complication, or another layer of thought if you will. At first I ignored it because not all accept the RPG series as canon, but the direct reference to M&L: PiT makes it fair game.

In SMRPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, Peach (or Toadstool, rather) had a grandmother, a human one at that. Which simply implies that this adoption process goes back more generations than previously mentioned in these last two comics.

When I thought it through, it seemed to me like maybe sometime long ago, humans conquered the mushroom kingdom and subjected them to their rule. Since then relations have improved, but since it’s a monarchy, succession is hereditary, and there are still some that are bitter.

So… Does any of that explain what’s up with Bowser?

OK, from the Mario RPG series, it’s become common knowledge that Bowser at least has feelings for Peach (as stated in above comic, human females are considered the most attractive universally, so it’s not far-fetched). In Super Mario Bros, he kidnaps the princess for his own pleasure and then leaves his forces to patrol the area. He basically hosts a hostile takeover to add more land (Mushroom Kingdom) under his rule. To enforce his rule, he built castles deep into the heart of these lands from which to rule over. After initially failing to govern each castle in rotations, he would assign various leaders to the territories (brainwashed kings from the lands before Bowser, his own children, vicious monsters, etc).

I think its more of a quest for power than a quest for Peach, but his soft side can’t bring himself to kill her, so Bowser captures her before each takeover. Later on his motives might change- for example, his takeover of Dinosaur Land (Super Mario Bros World) was probably just him ticked off after losing to Mario so many times (he apparently crash landed there, as evidenced by the airship next to Bowser’s cave in the water). Plus, the more times Mario thwarts him the more likely it is each kidnap is a ploy to crush Mario.

and somewhere along the line they had kids. Bowser explicitly states that one of his kids (Bowser Jr? not sure on the name) is Peach’s kid, and she doesn’t deny it.

You’ve the name right. The game is Mario Sunshine. Later in the game, after his defeat, Bowser admits to Junior that Peach isn’t his mother; he’d just told her that. When he said the lie, though, she didn’t even feign shock, just responded with “He’s my son?”

From this, we’ve learned something possibly TMI: Peach and Bowser boned at some point. Possibly often from the inordinately large number of “kidnappings.”

The old line citizens being Goombas, I presume? They were forced out of the kingdom for their treachery, if I remember correctly

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