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It’s a shame that it takes some people so long to become good at things. I feel like I’m within reach of being good at comics, but I’ll be cut down at the height of my powers. Ah cruel fate…

I can’t always make the things I see in my head, but in the moments when I have time to try I almost feel skilled.

Hopefully the majority of you will appreciate me attempting to excel. Until next time, stay safe.

Edit: I’ve added Trump & Biden to the moderated words. I’m sick of having to play referee because people can’t pick an appropriate place to argue. I’m also sick of losing money every time I make some kind of ruling on an argument and the butthurt party pulls their patreon pledge. And I’ve gotten it from both sides, so don’t try to play the snowflake card. You are all fragile babies. There’s the whole rest of the internet to duke it out over which evil person gets to drive the car.


That you’ve made something at all is worthy, let alone something as great as this comic. Most don’t even get past imagining doing anything.

There are always artists and writers with more skill, but they didn’t make Between Failures. This is the comic I keep coming back to, so thank you.

Climb up there? If I were in Ed’s place I’d be tempted to just stay there and enjoy the view.

Speaking of which, the lines evoking Nina’s motion, in this outfit and with her hair, suggest you are already good at comics.

You’ve done some good work here. This is actually the only web comic I keep up with at this point. Started reading around the end of my own retail days, over a decade ago. Time flies.

“And as Eru looked upon the remains of the old world, he saw two spirits that remained. He took them up to himself and saw the longing between them.

“Elven queen, and Dwarven king. I see the longing between you to see each other again. Thus I shall place you in the new world, in new forms and guises. May the affections you share draw you back to each other once again.”

Thus Eru placed upon them new bodies, and set them once again in Arda.”

Shortly after I retired nearly 2 decades ago I began reading web comics. At the peak I was reading over 50. I am now down to 7 this being my favourite (Canadian spelling). Cheers ~ulrich

Jackie you have my sympathies regarding the political hoorah. I’m going to be snoozing a lot of people on social media over the next few months.

Amen on the Coke vs. Pepsi debate. Folks will drink what they’re gonna drink, and you can’t change their minds!

Personally, I would mix the two together and watch both sides lose their shit over it.

As much as I hate to disagree with both sides of this debate, my personal preference is for Jolt Cola, which is no longer available in the United States.
Thus, I am forced to default to what I find to be a lesser objectionable drink of Coca Cola. Dr Pepper would also work as would Tabb if I could find it. (One of the least objectionable diet sodas, to my palette at least.


Try and stop me, copper!!!!

Unfortunately, unless you’ve actually partaken of the blessed Jolt, you would have nothing to truly compare it against…

As the Men tags say;
“It is by my Will alone I set my mind in Motion,
It is by the juice of Jolt Cola,
That the thoughts acquire Speed,
The lips acquire Stains,
The Stains become a Warning,
It is by my Will alone I set my Mind in Motion…”

You’ve been doing great comics since the best transition to black and white to color I’ve ever seen.

Quite right, about the “delicate babies”-type people on the web.

My opinion follows- the current- quote, political discourse, unquote, is quite annoying to watch.

I think the guys who write the stories for professional-wrestling, would be much-embarrassed to write- the current, silly, political, statements-to-the-press.

In the 2016, US-Presidential race, British reporters got much annoyed by that Presidential race, and started calling it, “The Muppet Show”.

Ugh. Presidential races. Hoo boy. :)

It absolutely was the Muppet Show at that point and I still find it absolutely mind numbing that people then would rather have a president that entertains than leads. 2016 will forever be, in my view, one of, if not the lowest era in American politics.

I’d like a president who leads, but we haven’t had one in generations. All of our presidents entertain, pander, and cash-in. That’s what makes me laugh; people who want to act like only half of the political class is full of bad actors and get all personal about it, magnifying tiny differences into “good vs evil”. I prefer to assume every single person with power or fame is suspect until proven otherwise.

It has long been my contention that anyone who wants the job is by that very fact unqualified to do it properly.

Exactly. The American Dream to be POTUS has too many leniencies. The position really needs to be taken by someone who has a proper and realistic understanding of the political realities facing not only Washington, but the rest of the union, and the global community. In addition, the POTUS candidate needs to also understand the nature of the U.S. military before ordering its service members to any campaign. Just having rizz and disillusion with the previous administrations alone shouldn’t cut it anymore.

I’ve always enjoyed your comic, Jackie.
Here’s to you making it for as many years as you desire. :D
(Any chance that three, beautiful sisters of Nina, could be written in the story, to make occasional, beautiful, background art? Ha!) :D

As I say –

We have the entirety of Twitter and Truth Social to discuss political discourse, so why are we doing it in comic forums?

Well, what’s funny is that alot of the internet has gotten so biased that there is no way to have political discourse–you’re dog-piled, hated, then banned, for going against whatever the grain is on that particular site or forum or Discord server or whatever. It’s actually getting harder to have a discussion anywhere that isn’t an echo chamber. So I sort of understand how people end up finding new ground to battle on, even though I don’t like it.

“There’s the whole rest of the internet to duke it out over which evil person gets to drive the car.”

That was an absolutely brilliant sentence that made me grin regardless of my opinions about prospective drivers.

Wait, there’s a list of banned words? I’m not complaining, I just didn’t know that–is that list posted somewhere? Or is it all pretty obvious stuff like “Don’t say anything that will get the FBI knocking at my door”?

The list is extremely obvious things like slurs. Then usernames of users who were continuously aggressive in some way. After that the only things on the list that are just regular words are Facebook, Biden, and Trump at the moment. The spam filter gets most stuff, but at various points facebook links became so overwhelming that it couldn’t handle just the regular filtering. This election cycle looks to be worse than the previous two, so I’m putting my foot down now. Between the site, social media, and Discord, these political brawls have cost me literally thousands of dollars. I’m sick of being the only person in the interactions that gets punished.

I imagine you’ll have more words to add in coming months, sadly, but I fully support keeping that mess away from here. Like you said, there’s the entire rest of the internet, and real life, for them to go argue in.

Simply put, the current story line between Ninja and Ed feels very much like “Singing In The Rain”.
It is an amusing, sweet and the kind of relationship these two truly deserve to have.
I only wish I could have found someone in my life I could have meshed with add well as these two do.
You, my friend, are showing a rare level of brilliance in this story, that is usually found in only the best novels I have ever read.
And considering the truly boggling number of books I typically read, this is the highest praise I, as an individual, can give.


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