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Deciding if I want to draw a hat on someone for god knows how many pages is not something I do lightly. It is difficult & robs me of drawing hair, which is one of my favorite things. Sometimes you need to let hats have their day in the sun though. Oh, wait! I forgot to sell the Patreon & Subscribestar. Uh, that was it just then. I masterfully wove it in to the blog post. Because I’m good at business.

Anyway, I was gonna draw a different hat, but then I went with this one because I thought it would make for fun times later. he hat is going to do as much damage as her hair would have no matter how you look at it. Apart from it being a darker color anyway. I always think of stuff like this when I see camera operators on camera. It’s like, how are people not distracted by the hambeast behind the lense..?

Anyway… I also decided to just let there be empty space in this to see if maybe I could start trying out a more open style over time. I always wanted to be more like that but it’s a struggle to balance time, & skill. We’re gonna test some things out at any rate.


It looks like a set of mouse ears, to me.
Who knows?

I think they should give Evrina a hat like this one, since Nina used to call Evrina, “little mouse”.

Carol and Nina are both going to lose it, if they see that hat.

Reggie too, maybe, but not so endearingly.

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