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The time change totally took me by surprise. I didn’t expect it to take place on Halloween. How often does that happen? Anyway, it’s not a huge deal for me since I set my own schedule, but I was wondering why I was tired when I wouldn’t normally be.

Since 2020 is the year that wasn’t this Halloween season never seemed to take hold. I was busy with other things & couldn’t delve into the spooky the way I might have liked to otherwise. I guess that’s just how it’s going to keep being for the foreseeable future. After the election maybe we can all have holidays in the wastelands. No need to worry about death when it’s standing right behind you every moment in a Mad Max future. XD Thunderdome will finally be relevant again! WHO RUNS BARTERTOWN!?


And here we have confirmation that Reggie’s dad sees the money as the least important aspect of the girl’s family. Reggie’s dad (are we ever going to get a name for him?) might be one of the smarter characters in the comic because of that.

We know of the grandfather’s and/or great grandfather’s contributions to the town (at least the library is known), but little else is known of the Melvil family beyond Alexandria. Clearly, Mr. Boothe and his line are tight with the Melvils on that account.

In all fairness, he didn’t say anything about money being the least important factor. He said, specifically, that there are plenty of rich people who aren’t worth respecting. Combine that with last week, and you get his view of money being an important factor, but only if it’s earned in the right way.

He’s not necessarily wrong though. While I firmly believe certain amount of luck (be it the right circumstances, openings or aquintances etc.) is always necessarily to strike it rich, it’s rarely enough by itself unless you win the lottery or are born into inheritance. By that virtue, fortune built ”the correct way” does give you some sense of the qualities of the people involved, and many of those are admirable.

This is exactly what I was expecting. Realty vs reggie’s own predisposition. I’m pleased about this definitive reveal

I’m just enjoying the slow revelation that Reggie’s Dad isn’t the Horrible Hotheaded Mess I assumed.
I’m pleasantly surprised.

A surprise to be sure but a welcome one.

But you see? Jackie is not like Many of the other webcomic guys and gals artists. His characters aren’t roll-up-a-character-sheet flat and all one-dimensional. His characters are all good bad logical sideways crazy smart ignernt and clever all at once. Like real people with loves and blind spots, and insights, and hates. They’re all Well developed, and the gals are crazy attractive. Too tall, too short, too skinny, too wide, too busty, too delightful, each one of them is perfect. Even Ervina has charms to beguile me. … that said I wouldn’t be compatible with her, but anyone else From the list…., sure!

I suspect that Reggie’s dad is someone who struggles with his own perception of integrity.

We all struggle to adhere to our own acceptable codes of conduct on a daily basis. Honestly, it isn’t just being bad that comes easily, but being a lawless savage as well. From witnessing the chaos that these sorts sow, we strengthen our resolve to uphold these codes and show the better way to all.

What were they fighting over, again, in Mad Max?

So points up for Dad from last time, though why he couldn’t just say that instead of an easily-misconstrued moral about it being easier to love a rich spouse than a poor one kind of shows how not a people person he is. Nothing wrong with that, of course, but it does invite misunderstanding easily, and trying to lay out that kind of moral in general when you’re talking about a family you actually know well falls flat.

To be fair, this is a conversation. He’s not talking fourth draft. Everybody talks first draft.

There are people who at times talk second draft, third draft, final copy, whatever. But in my experience, if someone catches them at it, it doesn’t go well. Which is frustrating because my first draft is so often lousy.

Also note, conversations are difficult to predict. You can go into a conversation starting with final copy, but it just takes one unexpected response and you’re either at first draft or … worse. Like if you continue a final copy after it’s been shown to be irrelevant, that basically gets taken as you don’t care what they say and it’s really hard to recover from it.

Good people are always good people regardless of financial circumstances. I’ve thought that this is a very different side to Reggie compared to the one we first met. Maybe he’s matured post gravestone, or maybe circumstances have changed, but I prefer the new Reggie compared to the one trying to get everybody fired.

You know, I’d like to think that, too. Some good people are. But sometimes desperate situations get people to do things they ordinarily would not do. Just because someone does something bad when they literally have no good options doesn’t mean that they are bad.

In America, the wealthy elite do a lot to ensure that a lot of us will have no good options most of the time. I don’t think that most of them are even aware they’re doing this. They’re just doing a money/resource grab to see how much they can take before stuff breaks, not realizing that their perceptions are so limited that they’re not aware that things were breaking since before they were born because of people doing the same crap that they are continuing to do.

You bet, so Bartertown is in Mad max 3, with Master blaster, and all dem guys.

Can’t get all of those important,pop facts wrong, or the pop-culture elves will get ya! XD

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