1747 Arcana.

It was 72 degrees out today, so I went out on my own for the first time in I don’t know how long. Only as far as taking out the trash, but still. Even then by the time I got back I was starting to get overheated. The breeze was cold enough that I kept feeling refreshed and going on anyway. I got a little water to tide us over till Friday and tossed out several bags of trash I had waiting to pitch. Not very exciting but my life rarely is and I’ll take what I can get at this point.

We ate dinner the other night with the Teen since it was her birthday. Since she’s a big girl with a big girl job she had to visit on her 30 minute break. Not the celebration I would have liked but you have to work within the limitations of reality.


I think I can start a flamewar in five letters.


Star Wars Customisable Card Game?
Some women collect card games?

Some white cells collect germs?

Swing with clingy coast guardsmen?

Swab wet cats’ coats guardedly?

Seriously Weird Character Customized Guns?

Clearly your talents are wasted on flame wars. Use your powers for good.

…I mean, erm… Stop Wasting Creative Capabilities, Guy. Starting Wars Can’t Complement Genius. So, Why Crave Contentious Gripes? Superior Way: Clever Comment Games.

And Nina just got even more awesome somehow. I may have to re-calibrate the scale like Star Trek did with Warp Speeds. She was already at maximum for 2D

I collected Pokemon cards back when they were still new… but I sucked at the game. I’ve done okay with Munchkin the two times I’ve played. If I were to reccommend a fun card game to people that’s less complicated and requires no collecting, I’d reccommend either We Didn’t Playtest This at All, or Management Material. The former is a strange, random game that can be over quickly, but is so funny that it’s even fun to lose (A great game for parties, especially ones at a restaurant when you’re waiting for your order to arrive, as you can play a few rounds in a short amount of time). The latter is a game where you try to avoid work as much as possible at your office by using excuse cards to pass the buck to other players (Also very funny).

AniMayhem – Loved that Game – It died an ignoble death during it’s last expansion.
I never did find any cards from that release – It was Dragon Ball based but got killed off due to Dragonball going solo with it’s own game – I also liked it because there were solitaire rules

For obscure CCGs
Initial D – the D had some rough edges but was playable and fun
Card Captor Sakura – CCS was a nice simple kids level game, if only they had released more cards with more art … okay got it more for the art than the game itself though I did get an official demo set at Origins that year.
.//HACK – I only got into this one because the cards were so cheap from the liquidators
Sim City – yes it was a CCG – expansion packs were for specific cities with noted landmarks and such – still looking for Toronto and a few others – also can be played solitaire

Fun and sort of quick non-collectible card games
Apples to Apples – the parent to Cards Against Humanity
Mille Bornes – The ancient and into I don’t know how many reprints car rally game
Chez Geek and its derivatives – Not a collectable but loads of expansions and variants
Navel War – long out of print but a hoot to play – you will love yet hate the Italian navy – card designs are downloadable to print your own – I made a replacement set using artcows custom playing card service

Lets see if this posts correctly this time – there was a FireFox warning and page load error when I tried earlier this morning – also a security flag went up at the time – all seems fine now though

I was a preacher’s kid so we weren’t allowed to own “demonic” Magic cards. So I got into Star Trek: The Next Generation instead.

I’ve probably mentioned this before, but Spellfire was the game I wish had become more popular. I only ever knew a couple of people that played, but to me it was more fun than Magic.

I have a bunch of cards for a rare and obscure card game called “Wyvern”. Me and a couple of friends still play form time to time.

Spellfire was a lot of fun. It was only the second CCG ever, after Magic. A guy I knew checked them both out and reported that Magic was better for 2-person games, but Spellfire was better for 3-or-more-person games, so our circle of friends/relatives got into Spellfire. After playing it for a few years I lost touch with several of the other folks in the group, and then maybe six or eight years ago I got nostalgic and started buying up the cards on eBay. I don’t think I’ve got as many as Nina, but I probably have five or six thousand Spellfire cards.

The only collectable card games I played were about cars and I think airplanes. I got tired of the actual game pretty quick because there was no skill in it, but it introduced me to some awesome and weird cars! Sbarro designed some real fun cars. *websearch…* Oh wow! They’re still at it; click my name! More of their cars look a bit normal now, (only one did before,) but that’s largely because mass-produced cars look far less boring now than they did in the 80s.

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