1263 Sea World.

This page made me laugh more than any I’ve made in a long time. When I realized what I could name the page, and the layers of wordplay it entails, it was almost too much.

Also, before anyone says anything about it, I suspect Carol knows that whales are mammals. Although it’s never been established that Oon is actually an Earth creature or not. He might actually be a fish that just happens to look insanely similar to Earth whales. In spite of me writing this someone IS going to comment about the whale mammal thing. Nerd pedantry DEMANDS it. While they won’t take the time to read the blog they will take the time to correct this “error”. In fact, I’ll be surprised if no one says anything about it. I almost with I had some kind of award for being the person who does it first…

Anyway, this comic kind of boils down why Mass Effect is so popular across the board. Good writing. Even characters you don’t like are compelling and the ones you do like… you would do anything for them. In the first game when you have to dick over Wrex I was genuinely torn. Wrex was a great character on so many levels. Having to hurt him was a shame. That moment basically led to my choices concerning his people. I belived in his ability to write a better future for the Krogans. So much so that I was willing to bet the fate of the galaxy on him. I have yet to see if my choice will have any lasting effects, but I stand by it. I was willing to risk losing out on the Salarians if it meant helping my friend. In the end most of the Salarians thought I was right anyway, so I felt good about saving Commander Kirahee.

I also saved the Geth. In spite of everything that went on with them, when I saw their whole story, or at least what Legion showed me, I decided they got a raw deal. I gave them a chance at peace. I did the same with the Rachni. Hopefully it won’t bite the universe in the ass…

I heard some rumors about a possible Mass Effect 4. Honestly, I’m torn. I would hope that it takes place far enough along that you can’t find all of your old teammates again. Maybe just Liara, since Asari live so long. I think I’d want a clean break from the two storylines. That said, the Mass Effect universe is just too good. A chance to go back in after I finish 3 feels like something I will want. Maybe not right away, but eventually.


Whales aren’t fish. There, now it’s out of the way ;)

I can do you one better: Killer whales are actually large dolphins.

The correct term is orcas, if we are going to play that game.

Is Carol getting teary over a Moment?

Well, they all fall under the branch of mamalia known as Cetaceans. Though not all cetaceans live in the oceans, there are 4 known species of freshwater dolphins.

And they all are complete bastards. Even those manatees, which I’m sure aren’t in the same species as Orcas and Dolphins.

Dugongs. Don’t turn your backs on those sons O’Bitches, I learned that the hard way. Ever tell ya how I lost this leg, laddie?

When two killer whales pop out of the water 50′ in front of your boat fish/mammal argument is the last thing on your mind. And I know their really Orcas but if I can piss off a name nazi :)

Oh good lord, it just occurred to me that whales don’t make sounds the way terrestrial mammals do. Given the shape of Oon’s head, he probably has the same vocal/aural structure that dolphins do, which means his “vocal cords” are in his head, in front of his brain, and that big round-ness to his head is actually a hollow focusing structure.

I’m honestly feeling terrible for you, Crave. I’m sure you’ve already kinda heard somewhere that the ending to the series is…well, no spoilers, but I feel bad now, like a lung cancer survivor seeing a 16-year-old getting into smoking. As long as you waited to play this game, you’ll wait longer on 4.

The DLC ending or the one of the third? The first was a stroke of profiteering genius created from the second.

I was absolutely elated when I discovered Garrus in each game. He really felt like one of Shepherds, and through him one of my, best friends. Of all the the characters from the first game, he was my favorite.

My god this page killed me. That whale guy with the scar on his face is hilarious. I hope Mass Effect 4 takes place very far away from the events of the trilogy. I want new faces, races, and hopefully a different time period. I hope they would allow online co-op in story mode by allowing a total team of 3 to go with you. Either 2 of your partners are create-your-own-characters or they could just take over some of the crewmates.

SPOILERS!: In the third installment they’ll have to team up with the hydronians (who have justifiable reasons for stealing the oceans) to save the galaxy from the space plague everybody is pretending doesn’t exist right now.


Carol teams up with Captain Kirk and the crew of the USS Enterprise to go back in time to “Save the Whales” and give the whale-people a new place to live, Earth’s Oceans.

I’d like Mass Effect 4 to take place in the somewhat distant future from ME 1-3 too, although for different reason perhaps: that we can import a ME3 final save, and see the effects of our decisions on the universe.

Also, the “whale guy” reminded me of Quarians more than Krogan. Sure, he looks quite like a Krogan, but the whole “lost a planet” story smells of Quarians.

Indeed. Do the species you chose to save still exist? Are the ones you left behind extinct? Does your shephard have descendants? Are there still stores on the citidel who play that little soundbite claiming that THEY were Shephard’s favourite?

That would be impossible. Given what happens in the endings, there’s no way for one story to follow them. They’d have to pick one ending and make it canon. Even that would result in problems, but I don’t want to spoil anything by saying why. Although, no, Shepard does not have descendants, we already know that.

They would indeed have to pick one ending, but aside from that, I think it could be possible.

Also, about no descendants of Shephard – is there a Word of God on that?
(otherwise, I’d argue there could be, but no spoilers!)

I’m not aware of any reason why not. There are plenty of genetically-compatable options for hankin and pankin through the game.

What, is it Whale Watch Week in Webcomics World? Even Housepets! is getting in on it.

Carol: in serious danger of becoming adorkable, here!

I’ve heard that mass effect 4 was going to be a prequel. That may just be baseless rumor, but the ending of 3 was kinda final. Which I’m all for. A good narrative has a conclusion.

Typo alert:

Beautiful comic.

I didn’t think it could get better after the cat puns. I am happily wrong. This Mass Effect line is just brilliant.

Our Commander Fisher’s breast plates look a little odd in the first few comics. They look almost flat and not connected in some of the earlier pages (like origami bosoms), but they are looking a bit better in this one.

All we know at the moment about ME4 it seems is that Bioware has Shepard’s arc is over and you won’t be seeing him or any of his companions, only that you will see/hear references to the previous trilogy. We’re also unsure at this point in time if importing your save to ME4 will be a thing or not, speculation is that they’ll probable be aiming to make it into the so far distant future that the choices you did won’t matter, by either distance in time or ignoring history changing elements. (Aka, never meeting any Qunaria/Geth, so as to never answer question of if they live or died.)

As much as I loved Garrus, Wrex was my main man. Always there for you and one of the few npcs who seemed honestly overjoyed to see you again after he was absent for a bit. And who can forget his one word conversations:

P.S. it didnt hurt that he was a complete badass when it came to combat!

Wrex and Grunt were paragons of their race, and it was always bittersweet to talk to/with them, from the beginning. The whole Urdnot clan were basically going against everything Krogans had ever believed by trying to make peace with the galaxy. Like it or not, Shepard rubbed off on them, made them realize that diplomacy was a better option, and, going by one of EDI’s soundbites, might have inspired other Krogans to do the same… the “There are x requests to mate with Grunt, and 1 for Shepard” bit… there are clearly other Krogans who hold Shepard as a paragon as well.
That said, the ship never felt completely like home until Tali was in engineering. Minus one or two bad seeds (cough cough, Cerberus cough) the characters all felt like they belonged there, and Tali just had a knack for being the last one to be picked up again, and having her there at the engine always felt right.

you saved the geth. so the quarians are dead? …did tali jump off the cliff?
personally i’m just glad i had enough paragon points to save both (and made the right decisions along the way, of course) and have them coexist on rannoch.

Oh man, great page, Crave. / Jackie. Sometimes I wonder if I’m using the right pseudonym. And yeeeaa antixenocide all the way *pounds it* I was kinda sad that there wasn’t a way to avoid murdering the sentient plant thing. I mean, I would have recruited that if I could. That’s what the Normandy really needed. Are there going to be spoilers for 3 in this? Because I’m a PC gamer and I’ve held off on getting ME3 because Origin is stupid. It’ll just die in a few years, just like GWFL.

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