I wish, you would learn, proper comma usage.

Actually, it’s proper to use a comma there; it splits the repeated ‘you’ and divides the sentences into the two phrases. It’ll seem more natural if you say it out loud, especially if you’re from the Midwest of the US, where it’s “those things’re gonna kill ya, ya know” Even without that accent though, it’s fine.
Signed, a Grammar Nazi.

I smoked my last cigarette on October 18, 2009. Every once in a while, I still miss it.

My Dad quit smoking in 1970, a few years after I was born. Mostly because I had athsma, and the Doctor said it would kill me before I was 10 if he didn’t.

In 2016, just 2 years before he died, he confided to me that after all that time, he still got cravings for it under stress.

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