1147 Tommy Knocker.

My pace in Pokémon Y would best be described as glacial. With my various ongoing obligations I play maybe ten minutes before I fall asleep, with occasional visits at other times if I’m stuck waiting for something. If nothing else I’ll be busy with it until the next title arrives. XD

You remember those Transformer Prime predacon combiners? The smallest price point ones? I found all but one of them. I think I mentioned it before. Anyway, for some reason, there are no Rippersnappers anywhere around where I live, or even available online. So I was stuck with a crippled Abominus… but the other day, when I had to go to the dentist, I stopped into a Target. They had a set of two little dudes, one Smokescreen and one Cindersaur. I recognized Cindersaur as a recolor of the Rippersnapper mold, plus the set was the same price as just buying one dude, so I picked it up to complete Abominus. Cindersaur looks a tad out of place since the other predacons are candy colored nightmares, but at least Abominus is a whole robot. In all honesty the gestalt robot is ridiculous looking, so what difference does it make that one leg is hardcore while every other limb is tasting the rainbow?


It’s not stalking if you are a hundred year old vampire.

You read “Sam and Fuzzy” too? Or have you just seen their film, “My Fair Lady… With Vampires!”? Or perhaps you are familiar with the Alexander Stake Vampire Rehabilitation Center?

…I’ll stop now. Sorry, sometimes I get a bit too deep into my enthusiastic webcomic references.

My pace in Pokémon is a little better than glacial. I would describe it as cold lecithin. For those who aren’t sure what lecithin is, molasses is thinner and easier to clean.

Speaking of Pokémon, and other 3DS titles, I think now would be a good time to ask some extremely newbie questions. Is the 3DS like older DS titles, where codes are based on the game, or are the games now tied to the 3DS friend code?

A little more Pokémon-specific, at what point can I deal with my streetpass tags that my Pokémon X game has accrued? I don’t know what to do with them at all. Is there a place that can give me a general overview of how the systems in the game have changed from Pokémon Red/Blue? Yes. The last time I played Pokémon was Gen 1. I’m still hoping there’s a way to catch Mew.

As far as Animal Crossing goes, I’ve finally discovered the catalog in the store. (Thanks to Crave for that one. I remember you mentioning cataloging the Spooky set, which I only lack 2 pieces for, unless the wall and floor don’t count.) Because of this, I’m about to start getting rid of extra furniture that I can order from T&T. I have several extra balloon pieces, but not the entire set. I’ve still not seen a single turnip, and the only perfect fruit I saw was on my first day, and I think I ate it or sold it. Didn’t even know I could plant stuff that day.

Also, I have to give a shout-out for one of my residents. His name is Colton. He’s a horse looking villager, and he seems to be the one who is the most outgoing in my village. He only asked me to give him a catch-phrase once, and it’s already spread to half of my villagers at one point or another. There is still one villager besides Colton who tells me to “pony up”.

Oh yeah. Last thing about ACNL. I’ve been collecting nuggets and gems, but I still haven’t figured out how to get Reese’s husband to customize my furniture.

One more story about my villagers. Pancetti suggested I put up a caution sign in town, so I did. I decided to make it mean something, so guess where my pitfall seeds get planted? Also, guess who the only villager is that has ever gotten near enough the caution sign to trigger a pitfall?

I have Monster Hunter, but I really haven’t been playing it much. Not that it makes much difference. It’s local multiplayer only on 3DS.

So, anyway. I guess I’ll put my 3DS friend code out there.

I can understand Thomas here, though I’d hope to not encourage stalker-esque behaviors in individuals. Young relationships can really mess people up and make them act erratic. Sometimes things that would normally be healthy take a twist down creeper lane. Sometimes you don’t realize how dependent, bordering on obsessed, you have become with someone. It’s not healthy, but so often people don’t even realize what they’re doing until someone calls them out on it or they look back on it. I wonder if it’s tied to society and the image of relationships we sell, or if it’s more just an inexperience thing mixed with hormones and discovering who the heck you are.

IDK, Thomas has been really cool so far since getting his life back into color, so I’d like to hope he doesn’t relapse anytime soon.

I can relate to Thomas. I’ve been down that dark rabbit hole. Not the stalking bit…but definitely the struggle of untying yourself from someone else when your life centered around them. That was a long time ago, when I was a much younger and a lot less experienced.
This is a good moment for Thomas. He became stronger. Now all he has to do is get over this last hurdle and he’ll level up.
(…thinking Scott Pilgrim here).

Rippersnapper is a pain to find. I went through the exact same scenario of one legged Abominus slumped sadly atop my Xbox. I had resigned myself to Cindersaur as a replacement, when who should I find at Target?

MotherF@#king Rippersnapper. In their infinite brillance, Hasbro shortpacked him in the case.

I can get having a girl cave your world in and the robotic stage but Thomas Im sorry your a stalker.

Who didn’t do this in High School? I did the same thing on my bicycle before I had a car. I grew out of it by the time I was halfway done with my twenties.

I didn’t. Of the two relationships I had that ended while I was still in high school, there was no stalker behavior involved in either of them. Hell, I even stayed friends with each girl for a while after.

Carol’s boobs keep getting smaller and smaller.

Let’s try to remember that we’re looking at them from a distance. Also, Carol was much skinnier back within the first ten pages, receiving some ludicrous bulk within the next hundred pages. To put it briefly, what we have here is a major artistic imperfection, nothing more or less.

Crave, in response to your question on twitter, I would have to say no. For starters, I never really had a chance to take a nap with anyone until I was 28. I can’t say I never felt like monsters were going to get me, but that’s another story.

It is kind of a funny one, though.

The Missing Piece Meets the Big O. That’s the cover up there in my icon. I think it’s great to read and re-read, especially at times of emotional turmoil.]]>

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