1114 Boomerang.

I may as well warn you now that there may not be fantasy story updates this week and possibly the next. That isn’t set in stone, but I just want those of you who like them to be emotionally prepared for it.This dissatisfaction with the last update has halted progress by way of being reevaluated. My schedule is in such complete upheaval at the moment that I’m not getting things done in a timely manner. Hopefully when my cousin starts school it will force a pattern to take rather than this random ass horseshit that’s been going on for… fucking ever it seems like. Anyway, the comic itself should continue updating as normal. It’s only the extra stuff that’s going to be affected for a while. That said, if you cast your eyes down to the underblog you will see the various character sketches I have done for the Julius Drywood story so far.

I’ve also been having these crazy ass dreams that I haven’t had time to write down right away, so they’ve been lost to time now. You’ll just have to believe me that they have been weird even by my standards. I’ll try to remember the next one if I can. The only thin I remember about the last one was airships and needing a specific poster of a rock band.

I dunno either.


Of course! Your dream makes perfect sense! Everyone knows air ships are awesome, so in your dreams scientists had learned how to generate power from awesomeness and thus airships became a predominate commodity both in military and commercial use because they can be fueled by the force of their own awesome! But “Awesome” is never good enough for mankind, we must push the very limits of awesome it’s self! Unfortunately airships are limited by the ever annoying weight/fuel (or awesome) ratio. So, in order to increase the amount of awesome with a minimal increase in weight to maximize awesome propulsion, really awesome posters of really awesome metal bands were added to ships for extra power, and thus began the quest of a certain rag-tag group of airship travelers all brought together by many different reasons aimed at the same purpose: to obtain the most awesome poster of the most awesome rock band ever in the history of mankind, and use it to power up the most awesome airship in existance and making it powerful enough that it can be used to finally help each member of the group.

This makes a lot of sense considering what little framework was there to build on. XD

I was thinking maybe it had to do with the anime music video Digital Love, a song by Daft Punk. In that was a flying ship shaped like a guitar and the guy in the ship looks at a poster of a female singer of a rock group he likes.

….Does she have the attention span of a chipmunk or a goldfish? I mean really there’s oblivious and then there is being “too dumb to live” …I pity her child..

His face… it just looks… silly at this point. I dunno.
It looks like he’s either about to crap his pants; *HAS* crapped his pants, and has realized this; is about to rape something, or is about to start spouting gibberish and do 360’s with his head.

I am just WAITING for the nervous eye tick!

I don’t get it, I completely don’t understand why Thomas is acting so nervous here, everyone else is acting more or less normal or atleast socially acceptable, and I don’t see what there would be to annoy him?

There are some people incapable of easily understanding what this situation is like for someone like Thomas. You are one such person it would seem. However if you stick around long enough you may get a glimpse of what it is like to be unlike yourself. Which is always a valuable learning experience.

” if you stick around long enough you may get a glimpse of what it is like to be unlike yourself. Which is always a valuable learning experience.” A little long, but definitely the makings of another inspirational T shirt.

That seemed a little harsh the way I asked that, sorry. Generally I can follow their thoughts and I think you do a good job with character motivation. I’ve been following your comic since just before you started using colour and that was my first comment, so I’ll say retroactively; great comic, monsieur!

Ha ha ha, Thomas is so god damned pathetic. I’d say it was fun watching him squirm, but he’s just such a baby about the whole thing. Right now he should be doubting his ability to be a good boyfriend for Carol if his little mind is THIS damn fragile, but I no longer think he’s intelligent enough to do so. “OH NO YOU ARE GOING TO LIVE IN THE SAME *TOWN* AS ME?! WE MIGHT… SEE EACH OTHER AT THE SUPERMARKET! NOOOOOOOOOO!”

Ugh. While it doesn’t matter what I think as I’m just one viewer among thousands, I’m really looking forward to when your story has moved past this point and we’re back to your more interesting characters.

what he said. I quite like this strip but what is with Thomas? Grow up, man up, get on with life. More Thomas and Carol, more Nina, more Ed’s sister, less of this whinging

His problem is less that he might run into her into the supermarket, and more that she seems to think that their friends and he’s going to be involved in her life somehow…

I think if slightly unhinged was what you were going for in the last panel, you nailed it. Cue maniacal cackling, now.

As a former Psych major (I switched to Computer Science because the politics were a lot simpler), it’s clear to me that your dreams are your mind’s response to the stress you’re currently dealing with. The airships represent your desire to rise above and escape your current home environment. The need for the specific rock band poster in the dream is a token of a search for a solution that fits your needs without compromising your personal values.

“Vhy don’t you lie down on zhe couch, und tell me all aboudt it?”

Gack. Gahd, I’m glad I don’t do this for a living.

Oh, yeah; airships; lots of ’em here: http://www.girlgeniusonline.com/

Okay… you know what? EFF HER. EFF HER IN THE TAINT.

I can let everything else slide. The moving back in town, especially. Because it’s a place and it’s a small world and you can’t just live where ever you want all the time.

But having the gall to suggest that: “Oh hey, you should totally become friends with the dude I basically left you for. You have so much in common with the dude I dumped you for!”

Fuck her! Fuck this dumb ass, clueless bitch!


I think Thomas needs to excuse himself from this situation, ASAP. I can understand that situations like this are difficult for many people, but the rest of the world doesn’t want to hear about it, and like it or not, society expects you to suck it down and move on. If you can’t, then get a therapist and learn how to move on.

I seriously doubt that Dawn is trying to be nasty. She’s trying to mend fences, or at least let Thomas know there are no hard feelings, at least on her side. But there are hard feelings on Thomas’s side, so the fence mending will have to wait.

And Thomas does need to deal with this. Bitterness on this level could “contaminate” his relationship with Carol. Especially if Carol sees Thomas lash out at Dawn.

Heh. This reminds me of a dream I had shortly after I graduated high school. I dreamed that the school system messed up my transcripts, and I had to take middle school all over again.

I became fairly popular right away for having a car, but being popular in middle school as a brand new adult was… Painful?

Anyway, the dream ended when I stormed into the superintendent’s office with my copy of my high school transcripts and my diploma. I slammed them on his desk and shouted, “High school diploma! Goodbye!” And stormed out with a great deal of smugness and satisfaction.

I think Thomas should take the out that Mike gave him at the beginning of the shift. Of course, his hubris might say otherwise.

I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Oh, gosh Crave…it’s like you looked into a certain event in my life 3 years ago and are no painting the picture of what I felt during it…. I am honestly surprised at the number of people commenting about not understanding what’s going on with Thomas in this scene with his ex. Is it really so hard to understand, even if you’ve never been in a situation like that before? I personally think everyone has had a feel like this at least ONCE in there life…you’d have to have been living in a bubble your whole life not to.

And guys…it doesn’t have to have been an ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend….there are so many different relationships this situation can apply to.

See, that last panel strikes close to home. Ex-girlfriend tells me that I’d like the guy she was with and I’m like ‘Oh yeah, we have a lot in common. Like our taste in women.’

I know that feel, Thomas Blackwell. At least your girl has some imperfections, judging from the previous comic strips(panels? Pages?) and the fact that she’s so damn…ugh. I want to say she’s a hypocrite, but I just can’t tell yet. She’s definitely hateable, though. Extremely.

So…anyone else gearing up for the Carol-VS-Dawn fight of the Centurah

Thomas, count to ten and go to your happy place. Course, if that was all it took, it wouldn’t work for you, cause I’d already be there with Carol. Sorry dude.

I really don’t get why everyone hates Dawn so much. She hasn’t done anything that bad that we actually know 100% about. I dunno. I find her somewhat likeable personally.

I have come to really like Thomas, but the more I watch him interact with Dawn, the more I realize the problem is HIS. She may be a bit oblivious, but she’s not actually evil. I have been re-reading some of the comic and I found it interesting to juxtapose this comic with comic 832. Thomas has issues!

I’m not sure that’s true, though. You can see how they interact with each other. Dawn might not be completely at fault, but I’m willing to bet money that she’s part of the issue, too.

Thomas is a dude who dwells, but every man who dwells has a REASON to. To quote a certain dog… “Can’t have a paradigm shift without a clutch.”

i get why thomas is acting like this but to me it still seems petty. i used to get angry extremely quickly but now seeing people freak out angerly or sadly just confuses me. i have gotten to the point were nothing makes me truly angry or sad really.

Thomas is trying really hard to stay civil, though. His face gives it away, but he’s doing everything he can to restrain himself. One part of his brain is telling him to act rationally, and another part is having an aneurysm.

Ohhhkay. Cuddly Carol versus Mrs. Dweebette here? Hah! No contest. Get your s**t together, Thomas. Four Eyes is yesterday’s news. Suck it up and move along, dude.

I had a dream last night about a bunch of people that believed they were at college, but in reality they had all signed up for a secret government program that promised to wipe away traumatic memories from their pasts. But the project was a slight bust, hence why they were brainwashed into believing they were ‘at college’ when in reality it was just a hidden lab. The issue with the brainwashing is that eventually the memories they wanted to get rid of would start to bleed back in, and about once every few months they’d need to be re-wiped.

So yeah. You’re not alone there.

Um, that would be an awesome movie.

I’ve had a dream that had a preview of the dream I was about to have, the dream itself, and then a recap.

I can’t remember for certain, but that may have been my Gotham City invasion by color catwalks that caused people to enter an arena where they had to fight to the death against their will. In spite of this, their wills were still intact.

It was sort of the same idea with the Strogg in Quake 2 and Quake 4. They were totally aware of what was going on, but had absolutely no control over any of it. They also felt all of the pain their bodies were experiencing, but their bodies were forced to continue operating like a zombie war machine even after receiving grievous wounds.

I didn’t even mention the evil mastermind behind this arena and his four human computers he used to build the arena. These five were the ones who left the catwalks. Well, more like moving sidewalks. One was green, one yellow, one red, and one blue. The mastermind’s was black. They left these moving sidewalks much like the tron cycles did in both Tron movies.

Anyone who stepped on these sidewalks were stuck like flies on fly paper. I already explained the moving sidewalk aspect of them.

The contestants, upon entering the arena, would have their arms severed and savagely mutated into bizarre weapons. The humans would be stored on shelves on one side of the arena like toys, and their mutated arms stored on the other side of the arena like weapons on display. When two contestants were chosen, they would randomly receive two arms and be forced to fight. All arms would be returned to the wall at the end, and the loser discarded on account of being dead.

Even after the contests started, anyone dumb, careless, or unlucky enough to step onto the moving sidewalks would still be pulled into the arena.

Also, I took this dream as unequivocal proof that I can dream in color.

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