1104 Cost.

I got sidetracked this evening and couldn’t get to my computer until about 30 minutes ago, so here’s a very small portion of story for you to read. There’s also a link to some art at the end:

“Maybe we can just knock?” Said Twig. Before anyone had a chance to protest she was tapping the stone with the butt of a dagger. “Hello!? Are you dead? Let us in if you’re not!”

They all listened for a response.

“I’m not sure we’d be able to hear a reply.” Julius commented.

“I’ll go in and look!” Twig exclaimed.

“No.” Said Julius. “I’ll go. You can’t open the door if it has some kind of lock.”

“She can’t lockpick?” Asked Niona.

“It’s not something you can learn by observation.” Replied Julius. “She can cover me though.” And with that he melted into Twig’s shadow and then she into Niona’s.

On the other side of the door the room was completely dark. While shadowside however Julius could see. He scanned the room quickly. With strangely muted eyes he could see a body curled up in a corner. There was evidence that they had been alive relatively recently, but the couldn’t stay in the reverse realm long enough to check. As he shifted into the real darkness he felt Twig take hold of his arm. Fully blind, Julius slid his hand along the edge of the door. The mechanism was identical to the one in previous rooms. He disengaged the lock and the door swung easily open.
The strong greenish light flooded the room. Twig’s somewhat unnerving shadow form melted back into her less imposing self.

“Is he alive?” Asked Regalius quietly.

“Not sure.” Replied Julius. “It’s a really bad idea to startle someone who’s cowering in a totally dark, totally sealed room. The shock alone could kill a person.”

“Fair point…” Mused Regalius. Alina stepped forward.

“Herrin?” She called kindly. “Herrin, are you alright?” The body didn’t appear to respond. A note of heartbreak crept subtly into Alina’s voice. “We came looking for you…”

Regalius flicked a ball of white light into the corner. It took a moment for their eyes to adjust, but Twig adapted fastest.

“He’s breathing.” She hissed. Alina motioned for Niona to prod him with her spear. As gently as she could Niona complied. As soon as the cold butt of the rod touched him Herrin sprang to life in a flurry of screaming and swinging. Everyone was startled by it and scattered in various directions away from him. Twig disappeared entirely as far as everyone could tell.
Backed into the corner Herring was covering his eyes and brandishing a broken sword. It was still dangerous enough that no one dared aproach.



oh god, I think you just gave me a whole new reason not to answer the phone (the others being they might not want to talk to me and they might want to talk to me). Although… if it was Jess I think I could probably deal.

(Not actually upset) “Not intentionally messing with the URL”, huh? ‘:3 Three in a row. :P

Anyway, as said above, hothothothothot.. Not really into her, but I dunno, something about her holding the wiimote makes her sexy. And wii motion hates me. A one-sided love. *sigh* Tragic.

Hello, long-time Reader, first-time commenter.

Just popped in to ask if the outfit Jess is wearing is from Weird Science.

There are two movies from that era I am continually getting mixed up.

Is Weird Science the one with ALL the popcorn, or the one with the computer-generated magical girlfriend?

I haven’t seen either in years. The one with the popcorn, I haven’t seen in well over a decade. I’m not even certain I saw that one all the way through. Well, except for the popcorn. There’s probably a reason that’s the only thing I remember about it.

The computer generated girlfriend (aka Kelly LeBrock, aka just about every friggin teenage male’s wet dream, at the time) one. The popcorn one (where Val Kilmer got his start) is Real Genius. Two of my favorite movies of all time, not that you can tell. :D

And yes, I too have the hots for sister. Ooo la la. What I wouldn’t pay for the camera to pan down a little on her frames, ya know? Especially panel 1 since it already has that underboob thrown in…

Real Genius is a fantastic film and an icon of the style of its time. Objectively it’s a little shit, but I don’t care.

What was the one with the kid and the midgets (or little people, or whatever you’re supposed to call the vertically challenged). In one scene they run into an unseen impediment, and one of them says something like,”It appears to be some kind of invisible barrier, ” and another replies,”Oh, so that’s what an invisible barrier looks like!”

I just looked her up in an image search. Her hair is bigger than the rest of her. I don’t even.

80’s hair. Sooooo huge.

[* Brain melts. *]

Ooh, underboobage! That — blouse — Jess is wearing, too short for a midriff, is tacky and tasteless. I think she should take it off, immediately!

And oh, yeah, Thomas will pay for this this favor. Oh, how he will pay!

And more than some, book, too.

Please tell me she isn’t after a copy of the book from the book signing… because I’m wagering Thomas is about to get her to buy a copy and compensate her for time and talent (but not her “talent” as Sailor Jupiter meant when she was trying for the lead in that play)… or am I just used to being swerved that I’m reading too much into it?

Figured I’d point something out for you, Kaz… Both this page and the previous page are numbered 1103. =x

Long time reader, not so much first time poster. I just decided to change up my name thingy. ^-^ I love what you do with the comic. Everybody is their own person, and not many folks can do that. Brings a whole new meaning to ‘in living color’.

I also like how you haven’t backed down from coloring your comic. Most start out black and white and never get colored, whereas others start colored and then the artist gets sick of doing that along the way. (Eerie Cuties comes to mind for the latter.)

Short version: Love your comic and how you’re like clockwork with posts. =3 Kudos!

Why’s T wearing his nametag?

In case Dawn forgot his name. That, or wanted him to have a different one.

My more serious guess is he probably sees this day as being a little more “official”. In case anyone actually comes for the book signing, he wants to put his best foot forward. Even though he doesn’t much care for Dawn, I think he has enough professionalism to don his name tag for this event.

From the first panel to the last: And it’s said her boobs grew three sizes that day. :D

Totally not a critique on your drawing, Crave. It’s just the line that this comic made me think of.

Oh my God. It took me reading the comics to see that was a Wiimote, and not something VERY different that retained the vibrate function. -___-

shes using a wii im readin this on my wii right now its 2019 what the hell am i doing

*le gasp*

this is sad…

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