961 Reggie Both.


A fan reached out to me recently to ask if I wanted a French translation of the comic. I’ve actually been asked a few times if I would be interested in translations, into various languages, but most people don’t really have a concept of how much work 900 pages of something is. Most of them never got as far as a single page. This French version already has a decent sized script. It just needs to be set into the pages. Usually I would leave that to the translator, and they would have to work with the files from the site, but this time I just took the script. I’ve been meaning to go back and optimize the old pages for the web, so when I do my intention is to make the French version at the same time. I realize for most of you none of this matters in the least, but reaching an audience that is locked off under normal circumstances is neat. My intention is to make a seperate website for the translation. It should be able to pay for its own server costs. If nothing else it will be a fun experiment. Even with my limited knowledge of French I can tell the guy understands the tone of my work. Everyone sounds appropriately sarcastic in French.