960 To The Shadows!


I used my Nintendo shop credit to get Mutant Mudds for the 3DS. I hesitated because everyone kept saying how frustratingly hard it is. I don’t like frustrating things. I can get frustration from any number of sources in my life. I don’t need it in my down time too. The thing is, however, that difficulty is relative and, apparently, people I know are unskilled pussies. I completed the game 100% in two days. Two days of casual playing. Enjoyable, casual, playing. I actually finished the last challenge expecting there to me another set of levels. Don’t get me wrong though, I died a ton of times, but the thing is that Mutant Mudds is properly designed. When you fail it feels like it was your fault, not because the game has crap controls, or the enemies are cheap. Your bad timing, or fumble fingers, is what did you in. That’s the difference between real challenge and bad, frustrating, game design. I was genuinely dissapointed that there wasn’t more to do. Also, the game had good music, which helps.

I like the art style of Dillon’s Rolling Western, but there’s no demo. At least I don’t think there is. Anyway, I like the look of it, and it’s by Nintendo, I think, but I’m not convinced.

The guy that draws Scott Pilgrim was Tumbling about the game having updates and stuff. I asked if there was a chance that it might make it to the 3DS, but wasn’t replied to. Tumblr is not good for that sort of thing. It made me wonder who you would start pestering to make something like that happen though. I feel like it has a better shot of happening than the Megaman Legends 3 petition that has pathetically been waved at Capcom over and over. Capcom is getting a little dickish lately. It’s really unfortunate. At least 50% of the games I own are from Capcom… Anyway, the point is who do I start bugging to get a port of Scott Pilgrim VS The World on the 3DS? Who should I enlist to help me? How do I activism? There must be other people who would like to play it outside of the prohibitively expensive chambers of XBOX Live. And there’s no way the 3DS can’t handle it because it’s basically a glorified flash game.

The color version of SPVTW is out soon, or out now. I’m tempted. I have it in black and white… but I do like colors. I wonder if there will be a digital version…